Marriage Proposals Through the Lens

Judging by the success rate you'd swear they had jewelers for fathers!

1. Rocky

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me very much.” Screenwriter/actor Sylvester Stallone’s rich portrayal of the Italian Stallion comes from not only knowing how to throw a punch, but how to keep us interested in our hero outside of the ring.

In one Rocky’s most heartening scenes, Balboa exhibits extraordinary bravery, humility and vulnerability all at once. It’s no wonder Adrian stuck around for the next four installments!

2. Moonstruck

Norman Jewison’s 1988 drama is all about infidelity and man’s greatest fears, so naturally our introduction to the main characters involves a proposal of marriage.

Danny Aiello and Cher make such an odd couple, it’s clear this will not be their happily ever after, otherwise they’d have gotten engaged at the end of the movie. Like Rocky Balboa, Johnny Cammareri bumbles through his words, but unlike Adrian, Cher holds his hand practically walking him through the steps, right down to the ring.

3. Braveheart

An unconventional but certainly effective effort from William Wallace quintuple Oscar winning biopic.

Keep in mind this film takes place in a magical time when Gibson’s rump shot in Lethal Weapon was the most controversial thing about him. This proposal is a little rocky but considering its plopped in the middle of a bloody quintuple Oscar winning epic, we should expect nothing less.

Mel may now be known for having about as much racial sensitivity as his iconic 1995 hero William Wallace had game, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Sometimes it’s best to skip the formalities and just express yourself.Engagements usually result in marriagesCredit:

4. Everyone Says I Love You

In Woody Allen’s 1997 ensemble comedy/drama/musical lovers Drew Barrymore and Edward Norton share a memorable if less-than-perfect proposal. An appropriately-priced ring sits atop a decadent dessert Drew’s character found just a little too appealing.

Norton brilliantly shifts from butterflies in his stomach to a fire under his rump as he springs into action to retrieve the precious offering from her larynx!

5. Stepmom

Even a movie giving voice to a budding population of children facing parents rearranging bedfellows can have its obligatory sappy scene.

Taking place early-on in the family drama this scene between Julia Robert and Ed Harris etched itself on the hearts of lovesick teenage girls with daddy-issues and hopeless romantics of either gender.

In as familiar a game as the traditional proposal, creativity can go a long way and using a piece of string to ripcord the engagement ring onto her finger is a solid effort.

6. Walk The Line 

Every man’s got to have a back-up plan encase his proposal falls on deaf or unwilling ears. In James Mangold’s 2005 biopic, Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) simply refuses to take no for an answer, holding up a live performance in front of a packed house in the process.

Setting such a dramatic proposal before an arena crowded with fans makes the payoff that much sweeter. As June Carter’s (Reese Witherspoon) resolve weakens, the revelers are a surreal backdrop for this almost fairy-tale proposal.Johnny Cash's ao vivo em proposal lit up the crowdCredit:

7. Avatar

Even though viewers aren’t yet clued in to the erotic specifics of James Cameron’s alien world Pandora, when Jake and Neytiri gaze into each other’s eyes with that faraway look, we know what’s up.

When they lock-braids, meaning they will have to be together, it means this because of the harsh reaction by her parents, and the fact that Jake’s loyalties significantly shift following that night.

This proposal’s about as non-traditional as they get, seeing as it takes place between two alien-beings, one of which is actually a human in the mind of an alien being… or something like that.

8. Thelma & Louise

An unlikely proposal in the desert in the middle of a manhunt backs Louise in yet another corner. Michael Madson’s lovelorn Jimmy asks Thelma to be his wife, unaware of her secrets be they hours or years old.

In a film of brutal honesty about the ways women are forced to compromise their lives for others’ happiness, Thelma’s choice rings as true as the undying friendship between these iconic,  fearless road warriors.

9. Knocked Up

It’s said public speaking improves if you practice in front of the mirror, so it should be safe to say Seth Rogan’s Ben avoided mirrors all together before awkwardly attempting to pop the question to his unlikely love interest, played by Katherine Heigel.

It’s a real sign of the times when two up-and-coming twentysomethings find the pageantry of the proposal insufferable, yet, SPOILER ALERT, still end up together. Or maybe it just means audiences are ready to question why the traditions they follow, but aren't quite comfortable ditching convention all together.