It does not matter if you live in a house in the suburbs, in a small apartment downtown or in a log cabin somewhere in the mountains, your home will create a lasting impression on people who visit you, because your home reflects your personal taste and who you really are.

When it comes to home decorating ideas, modern style allows for the simplest maintenance and clearest spaces.It is the best option for homeowners who cannot or do not have the time to clean all the time.

There are great home decorating ideas if you are on a budget as well, it does not always require a lot of time and money or heavy investments.Here are 9 great budget home decorating ideas to freshen up your home quick and simple.

1. Replace lamps:
Lamps are often the thing in your house that give your visitors a clue that your home is outdated. Visit the local lamp store or look online for lamps that are fresh and different.

2. Eliminate clutter:
Clutter can eliminate the mood from any room.Add personality to your home by finding storage space for toys, papers, clothes and everything else you do not want visible.

3. Paint a wall in your home:
Paint one wall in the room with your favorite color and hang interesting art on it and move a nice sofa or other furniture there.The painted wall becomes the focal point of the room.The color should match several other objects in the room.If you paint the wall burgundy, then there should be other objects and fabrics that are the same color too.

4. Lay an area rug:
Lay an area rug beneath your coffee table, it is perhaps the best way to define a conversation area.

5. Rearrange The Furniture:
Rearrange your furniture in different angles instead of having the furniture near the walls.A sofa will look much wider if it is placed diagonally across a narrow living room.

6. Green plants:
Green plants add freshness to a home.Visit your local garden center and discuss with the experts what plant or tree would be suitable for your living room.Certain plants need more watering and sunlight than others.Artificial plants and trees can also be used but then they need to look real instead of artificial.

7. Hang pictures on the wall:
Look for pictures that really reflects your own personality and hang them on the wall.Movie posters and travel posters are popular.

8. Use collectibles:
If you have collectibles at home stored away somewhere, find a nice display area for them and group objects together.

9. Decorative Pillows:
Decorative pillows are a simple way to add patterns and textures to a living room.