The world is full of stereotypes. These are preconceived ideas that we have heard so many times that we don't even bother to ask if they are true. The funny part is that we believe them and continue to propagate them. See the list below.

What a man can do a woman can do better: Myth

This is a not a men versus women issue. It is more about common sense. There are a lot of things men do that women just can't or would not do. Some men like to grow their beards and moustache, how many women would love to have a little moustache to go with that Gucci bag? You might think that is ridiculous and it is. However, it highlights the fact that not everything men do will be pleasing to women. Men with pot belly love to show off the extra kilos, how many women will be willing to do that. Men shout and fight during football games, how many female hooligans have you seen. Men can take a pee while standing. You might argue that women can do the same. However, most women say it is not lady like. That says it all. Men can fart in front of their fronts and feel no qualms about it. Women would rather hold it in.

Women are not Interested In Sex: Myth

This is a myth because there are a lot of women out there who would love to get more action but that is just not happening. The reason most people have come to think that women are not interested in sex is because of the famous excuses that women give, "I am tired, or not tonight darling". Women have other issues to deal with that are not related to sex. If the husband would help out more at home and if the women don't always feel she has to do everything, she would discover that she is quite interested in sex. To understand this, think of a cloudy day. Would you say the sun is not shining because the day is cloudy? No, because you know that the sun always shines but you just don't see it because of the clouds. That is the same situation with women and sex. If you were to remove the chores, children and stress, you will see that women are just like the sun, always shining and ready to go.

Women feel more than men: Myth

That is not true. This seems to imply that men are devoid of feelings. Men have feelings too. The difference is in the way men express their feelings. Women will sometimes cry because they are sad and men would get angry over the same issue. Anger and tears are emotions. They are different but they are still feelings. Need I say more? Yes, men have feelings just like women!

Women are better Organizers: Myth

I don't know where this idea comes from but it is a well established myth. It must probably come from the fact that women have tried to leave the house and children to their husbands for a day and the result has been disastrous. The house ends up looking like someone threw a grenade through the window. Women are better at organizing some stuff because they have more experience doing so. Generally speaking men have more experience organizing things outside the home. Therefore, you cannot say women are better organizers if you only focus on a single part of the equation.

Women are better Cooks: Myth

Women are better cooks or men just eat and don't complain. The best cooks in the world are men. Women cook more often because they cook at home. Most men think their mother is a good cook hence the myth. You can't complain about the way your mother cooks. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Women gossip more than men: Myth

Women talk a lot more than men but, gossip is a different thing. Men gossip as well but are a bit discreet about it. They also don't go into the details like women would. When men gossip, their eyes don't sparkle like "whoa" this is hot news. Men tend to take it in their stride. It is one of those nice to have but not essential things. Women and men gossip just as much but women really take it to town.

Women could live without men: Myth

This is one of those feminist movement statements. Men don't even pretend they can live without women. Women need men like the need air and men need women like they need …

If women rule the world, the world would be a better place: Myth

The problem with this myth is that women wouldn't want another woman to be a manager not to talk about a women ruling the world. How many women do you have in the United States? How many female president have they had?

Women can handle pain better than men: Myth

This is controversial but it is a myth. Men can handle the same amount of pain as women. The difference is that men tend to exaggerate their pain. They want women to feel pity for them and it works. Most women will like to justify this by saying men cannot handle the pain of child birth. Most women can't handle the pain either. They just don't have a choice. Why do you think someone invented epidural and caesarian section?