Have you seen avatars that are a cartoon version of the real person? Have you ever wanted one but did not know how to get one. Here are 9 places you can get a custom avatar version of yourself for free. You can decide if you want a cartoonized version of yourself or simply an avatar that is representative of yourself. There is a Simpson avatar creator but the website is always down.

South Park StudiosSouth Park Studios

If you are a Fan of South Park then you will love south Park studios where you can create a free South Park Avatar to use on the web. South Park studios allow you to customize a character from scratch. You can also choose the clothes and the color of the clothes. South Park Studios is extremely fun to use.

FaceYourManga.comFace Your Manga

You can create your own avatar in the Manga style. It is extremely fun and has a lot of options available.

Yahoo Avatars

Yahoo AvatarsYou can customize an avatar including the clothing. You can also find plus size clothing as well as branded apparel. I searched but did not find an option for a beard. If you want a beard then I guess you need to check elsewhere. With Yahoo Avatars you can easily export your Avatar to FaceBook.

Portrait illustration Maker

It is fun but the final result is not as rewarding as some of the other avatar generators. If you do not have a photo editing software such as Photoshop then you may like this website as you can easily download your final Avatar that you create. You can also choose which format you want to download your Avatar in. You can choose a GIF, Jpeg, or PNG file.


Mii is another website will you will need to take a screen capture and then edit in order to use it as an avatar. The options are limited. It is fun to use but feels really dated in what it offers. Mii would have been really cool in 1996 but now it is just blah.

BuildYourWildSelfBuild Your Wild Self

This is one of the funniest places to design your own avatar. You can create a boy or girl and then add animal parts onto them. Yes it is designed for kids but adults will have just as much fun.


DigiBody allows you to create a simple sketched style of avatar. I prefer more color and realism but if this is your style then go ahead.


You can create cartoonized avatars of your images along with many other photo manipulation options. There is a lot to do on this website and it is all fun. If you do not have Photoshop but want to manipulate photos and make fun pictures this is the place. You can take a face picture of yourself and turn it into all kinds of stuff. You can make it look like you are smiling or scowling.

You can fix red eye also with this online image mani0ulation tool. You can do a lot of stuff similar to Photoshop including adding your own watermark. You can also make animated avatars of yourself MII Avatarmaking funny faces and the best part is it is all automatic and very easy to do.

Cartoo.Pho.To is highly recommended has a very fun place to easily edit images and make your own Marvel Super Heroavatars.

Marvel Create Your Own Super Hero

This is by far one fun site. You can design your own male or female




Dopple Me is a simple avatar creator but may just be what you are looking for.