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Cruises have been one of the most popular vacations for the last two or so decades.  What keeps people flocking back to cruise ships all over the world and why should you consider a cruise for your next vacation?

Easy to Plan

Cruises are one of the easiest vacations to plan.  There are no worries about making air, hotel, and rental car reservations – your lodging and transportation are all included on the boat!  All you have to do is pick how long of a vacation you want, the destinations to visit, and the type of cabin you want to stay in and off you go on your vacation of a lifetime.


If you live anywhere near the ocean, you'll be certain find a cruise line that sails from somewhere near you.  At last count, there were more than 20 homeports on the U.S. mainland, including Los Angeles, CA, Anchorage, AK, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, New Orleans, and many, many more.[2012]  If you do have to fly, you'll have a great opportunity to check out more of our great country rather than sailing from the usual large ports on the east coast. 
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Seeing The World 

You can find cruises that serve all areas of the world, from North America to Europe, Antarctica to the Middle East.  If there's open water there, there's probably a cruise ship that services the area.  If you have the money to do so, you can always splurge and do a "round the world" cruise, visiting almost every continent on the world.


With everything under one roof, you won't spend your quality vacation time schlepping your family between destinations, listening to your twins bicker in the backseat of the van, or argue with your spouse about where to eat dinner.  On a cruise, all you have to do is unpack your bags, and decide when and where you want to eat.  Everything else is taken care of for you!

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Cruises offer great value for your vacation dollar, thanks to the fact that almost all of your expenses (transportation, lodging, entertainment, food) are included in the total price of your cruise.  You will need to include some extras, like tips, drinks, souvenirs, and on-shore excursion, but it does make it simple to budget out your limited vacation money.

Give any cruise line website a quick scan, and you'll discover that there are cruises at every price level, from affordable 3-day family excursion to the Bahamas to 14-day luxury cruise around Europe.  No matter your vacation budget, you can find a cruise that will meet it. 

Family Friendly 

Cruises used to be adult-centered vacations with very limited facilities for kids.  In the last decade or so, cruise lines have made it a point to attract more and more families. 

Most boats now have play areas designated for different age groups.  The younger kids have their own playroom with age-appropriate toys and supervision.  Teens are given their own hangouts with video games and plenty space to have fun.  Best of all, most cruise lines have Kids' Room with late hours or onboard babysitting services (for a nominal fee) so mom and dad can sneak out for a romantic dinner or two and not have to worry about Junior getting into trouble. 

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Same Hotel Room Every Night

The best thing about cruises is the fact that you only have to unpack your bags once.  Most weeklong cruises include at least two full days at sea and four in ports-of-call, where you can take advantage of one of the many escorted shore excursions or strike out on your own.  Every night, you return to your room on the ship where you can eat dinner and relax or dance away the night without worrying about driving from one destination to another or where you parked the car.

Plethora of Activities

Over the last decade or so, cruise lines have been adding more and more activities and amenities to their ships, including spas, children’s playrooms and teen centers, sports bars, casinos, exercise centers, rock-climbing, ice- and in-line skating, video arcades, movie theatres, wine tastings, dance classes, games, lectures and crafts to keep everyone in the family entertained.  Not only can you relax and have fun on your summer cruise, but you can learn a new skill or sport too!

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With the recent fatal sinking of the Costa Concordia in the Mediterranean Sea, many are wondering if cruises are really still a safe and affordable vacation option.  I'm here to say that yes, it is! While the images of the Costa Concordia tipped over on its side remind us what could happen, the cruise industry is quick to remind us that cruises are one of the safest ways to travel these days. 

While over 19 million people worldwide took a cruise in 2011, there were less than 10 cruise-related deaths that whole year.[2013]  During that same time, 401 people died on both commercial and charter planes. [2014]

Freak accidents, like what happened to the Costa Concordia, are part of life as we know it.  People make mistakes, accidents happen, people die.  You take greater risk just stepping outside your door each and every day.