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Being the mother of three sons sometimes I could just pull my hair out. They can pick some humdingers. It is not advisable to let them know that they are being led around like idiots sometimes. That only seems to make the attraction grow. Then comes the heartbreak. You hope that they learn. You pray for the day the depression goes away. When it does you know that it will be a long time before they will put their heart out there again. You just only wish that it would have been over sooner. Guys, holding on to a devastating relationship is like having a chronic toothache, when you are just starting to have a good day the pain comes right back. When the tooth is out and gone, the pain usually goes with it.

1. If She Has Cheated: If you have been in a relationship with someone that has cheated on you, then they do not respect you, they are immature, and more than likely they will do it again. Besides you can do without their diseases.

2. If She is Untrustworthy: If you are in a relationship with someone that is constantly lying to you, doesn't call when they say they are going to, they are not where they say they are, and our basically making your life miserable, then walk, no run away. This person has no respect for you, and why would you stay with a common liar. Most people that lie to you at the drop of a hat are pathological liers anyway. I promise you there are million of lonely honest women out there more intelligent, better looking, sexier, and more empathetic than you can possible imagine.

3. If She does not Trust You: If you have started a relationship with someone and now you can't have any friends, you can't go anywhere, and you have to ask for permission just to do the things you love. Break it off. If your new love can't trust you for no apparent reason then there is probably one of two things going on. You have landed an insecure nutcase, or they are the ones that are really doing the things that they think you are doing when you are out of their site.

4. If Your Personal Life is on a Downward Spiral: If you find yourself in a relationship and your bank account just keeps getting lower because the other person will not work, and likes to spend your money, unless you can afford it , get out. You could be a man that likes this sort of relationship, but if your not, you will soon find yourself broke. Also, if you are with someone who takes you down a social road such as drugs and alcohol, run. I have seen many a mans life ruined because of an attractive insane drug abuseror alcoholic.

5. If She is Unsure of Her Feelings: If you have been in a relationship with someone that has professed their undying love, and then they have suddenly become emotionally unavailable, leave. Everyone goes through things sometimes that can take precedence over the other person, however, this feels quite different and it last longer than usual. That person probable wasn't as in love as they thought and is waiting for the right time to end the relationship, so do it for them. I promise you, you will live through it.

6. If You are Too Different: Sometimes we get interested in people because of a physical attraction. When you start spending lots of time with the other person, you learn a lot about them. I do believe that opposites compliment each other sometimes, but that is not always the case. Knowing what someone's morals, ethics, religion, and politics are important, especially if you are getting really serious. If you think that these characteristics are not then, you two try to picture yourselves with children and think about how you want them to be raised. Also, are your likes and dislikes in activities and lifestyles close enough. The things that you don't like now, you can't necessarily change later. So if your really having a problem with it, get out and get on with your life.

7. If She Doesn't Respect You: If you find yourself with someone that is constantly critical of you, then they are not right for you. If they embarrass or intentionally humiliate you in front of other people, then you didn't hang the moon for them, and you're never going to. Get out and get over it. There is someone out there that you will be attracted to that will think that you did.

8. If She Refuses to Commit: People have all kinds of reasons for not wanting to commit. Some of them appear to be very valid. The most important and the only real reason when it comes down to it is that they don't care enough to commit. They will probable be around until something better comes along, so don't waste your precious and beautiful life.

9. If You Don't Love Her: If you are with someone that you are just staying with to keep from hurting them, then you are not doing them any better service than you are doing yourself. If you are just not in to them, and you are only staying in the relationship out of guilt, it is time to go. Staying around in a relationship like this only hurts everyone involved, especially children. Besides, instead of actually breaking someones heart, you are preventing them from finding the love of their life, and ultimately the only person that will bring them true happiness. You are also cheating yourself out of true love and wasting each other's time.


Life is short and you deserve to be happy. Life is what you make it. If you hang around in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship you are just setting yourself up for heartache and pain. I have given you at least 9 reasons to dump your woman in order to enable you to find the person that is right for you. There are a million women out there, and if you will just open up your eyes and look, you will find them.