There are a lot of great full length films on YouTube  but there are also a lot of great short films. If ever you need to pass the time but don’t have the full two hours to devote on a movie, check out some of the short films below. Some last for less than a minute and some are more than 10 minutes.


Most of these films were shot in one day and is locked in one location but it doesn’t hinder nor limit the creativity of the storytelling and cinematography. These films perfectly prove that money, time and place are not reason enough to be able to come up with a great piece of art.

Table 7

Director: Marko Slavnik


What if, in your most intimate moment, you feel that someone is listening to you and watching you?


9 Short Films on YouTube You Should Check Out

This short film captures a couple on a date that could possibly change their relationship for the better or worse. They couple tries to work things out but the girl couldn’t shake the feeling that someone is actually listening to them. it prompts her to keep quiet but the silence won’t fix things between them. Suddenly, a mysterious food is given to them. Little did they know that the food is what will push them to their limits.

2. Sign Language

Director: Oscar Sharp


The story is about Ben, a guy who makes a living holding signs for promotions and other on-ground marketing efforts. He is stationed in London and he loves his job. Unlike other people who are bored to death with what they do, he sees and appreciates the beauty of having to watch people and work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The problem begins when he was told that he was going to be promoted and wouldn’t have to work in the streets anymore. He didn’t want to especially because of the people he worked with.

3. Paste of Love

Directors: Simon Fiedler, Thomas Gugel and Christian Lerch


The movie shows just how strong love could be as a motivation for anyone to do things they never thought they could or never thought are possible. However, the movie also makes us question whether the courage and the strength all those trials we force ourselves to survive are worth it in the end. Are those little and short moments of love and happiness ever enough to compensate for the longer miseries?

4. Sebastian's VooDoo

Director: Joaquin Baldwin


It’s a story of several voodoo dolls who found themselves hanging while the witch is several feet away. One by one, the witch picks them to stick a needle on them causing their imminent death. So many have succumb to death but one of the voodoo dolls opted to save another.

As the voodoo doll who was saved walks away, he looks back and realizes that his freedom might not be what he expected it to be.

This is an animated short film. However, you will see just how a faceless doll can bring so much life and emotion to the viewer. This is one of the best short films I have ever seen in my life.

5. The Promise

Director: Sam Mueller


Two friends made a promise to each other several years ago. It is time to collect but as soon as they both get ready to get the promise fulfilled, the started having doubts about the promise they made and the probable consequences that will most likely come back and bite them in the ass should they leave up to their word.


The whole story will take a, errr, weird turn in the end that revealed exactly the kind of people that they are.

6. Identity

Director: KJ Adames


This is a brutal short film, merciless in its effort to face people to admit to one thing, that there is too much unhappiness around, the kind of unhappiness that’s too embarrassing to admit and too strong to overcome. So people revert to lying and hypocrisy. People make other people believe they are happy, perfect and fine to save themselves from the embarrassment of failing to live life the way others do, happily and carelessly.

7. Magnetic

Director: FC Rabbath


This started out as a cute love story between two cute children. However, life took over and the what was supposed to be a sweet as candy relationship turned into an obsessive quest to come up with a solution on how to get that love that slipped away. The movie’s simplicity allows the audience to relate to an ever familiar situation that we all go through, that moment that makes us fall in love, the kind of love that stays with us forever.

8. Memories

Director: Radoslaw Sienski


Gone are the days when our memories are captured in those tiny weird looking negatives. Now, captured moments are in disks and hard drives and cloud. However, this movie emphasizes, not the change in technology, but the importance of having memories and cherishing them while we can. It explores how some of us can lose track of the meaning of those moments and how much of a pity it is to let go of something that we can easily cherish.

9. The Exam


Director: Chris Schwager


If you are finding the previous films a little too serious, this one will crack you up.


The story is about three friends who committed the most common mistake a group of students could ever make, oversleep after a night of booze trippin’. With hours already gone, they boys simply have to think quick on how they could get out of the situation. They can’t afford to fail and that’s why it is imperative for them to come up with an excuse. With youth and wit at their side, can they outwit their intelligent and experienced professor?




I encourage you to watch these films and leave a comment on their pages to encourage them to keep making more. These filmmakers make their films with zero budget. The only chance for them to earn is through ads on their YouTube pages.


If you know of some more short films that’s worth watching, please leave a note. Just remember that there are a lot of materials on YouTube but not all are worth your minutes.


To all filmmakers out there, get off your ass and make films. You have fans here that are ready to push your product for free if it’s worth it. 


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