Okay, so here are the 9 tips to lose weight that can really make a difference in your journey to change your life. I hope you enjoy these tips as I enjoyed writing them for you.

So here they are!

9 Short Tips to Lose Weight

1. Set Real Goals

Don't go crazy Hulk Hogan and workout 12-hours a day. Instead set little goals. Use these little goals as a compound effect, add up enough of them and soon you're going to be astounded by all the things you have accomplished in a short-time.

2. Stay Committed

Stay commited to lose weight for at least 90 days. 90 Days is the amount of time it takes for any significant transformation to come over your body and mind, this works in all things in life by the way.

3. Get a Support Group

Have a support group to go on a lifestyle challenge with you. It is always easier to complete a body challenge or anything for that matter when you have friends alongside you doing it with you!

4. Don't Diet! Diets Suck!

Diets are really bad. Because they inherently imply that you are only going to temporarily fix the problem instead of really solve it forever. If you want to look good and feel healthy for life, then it must be a lifestyle change not just a diet.

5. Avoid the Corn Devil

There is an ingredient called High Fructose Corn Syrup that is in almost ALL of the nutritionally-dead food out there. Make sure whatever you eat does not have this in it. They use this to sweeten things up, but it is also used to make you very fat! It is highly addictive too, so when you stop eating it, at first you'll feel the cravings but after a while it will be gone.

6. Before & After Shots

Be proud of your progress! Every week take a new picture of yourself shirtless showing off your progress. You will feel like it isn't moving fast enough, but at the end of the 90 day body challenge, go back and compare your last picture with your 1st one. You will be amazed with how far you have come!

7. Pick an Exercise

Everyone has an exercise that they are drawn to for whatever reason. Some people like to run, others swim, find the one that you love doing and start doing it everyday.

8. Take a Nutritional

Nutritional supplements that are high quality are totally worth it. If you are not taking one then you really should!

9. Lose Your Thoughts

When you start exercising readily, start listening to music, play a video game, or watch television. The more you can focus on external stimuli, the less you'll notice you're even working out. Thus making exercise times go by super fast!

So there you go! 9 short easy tips to lose weight. Remember though if you are going to actually benefit from these tips to lose weight, you have to actually go out and use them!