Toddlers tend to change clothing sizes quickly, so it can get expensive to continuously shop for them. Save money by buying inexpensive clothing articles that are still fashionable. You can pick up these clothing articles up at places like YOOX.COM or JCPenney.

1. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants for kids are sleeker than a traditional sweat pant, but they're not as tight as leggings. You can get pants with subtle embroidery details, like a heart, to make them age-appropriate for kids. Cotton and spandex blends are easy to take care of, and the fabric won't break the bank.

2. Jeans

Denim is a durable fabric. If it lasts longer, it also ends up saving you money. For toddlers, make sure that the item is still comfortable with an elastic waistband. It should also be easy to snap instead of a traditional button closure. Just go with a basic blue jean that can mix and match with more colorful tops and jackets.

3. Clothing Sets

If you stick with a basic color palette or pattern, you can spend less money. Toddler clothing often comes in sets. This might be a sundress with a pair of leggings. Your child can wear the items together or as separates. You can put t-shirts over long sleeve shirts to transition from summer into fall with the same clothing articles.

4. Athletic Pants

Athletic pants are a cheap option for toddler boys. An elastic waistband makes getting dressed easier. You can use this for cool pajama pants or casual wear.

5. Miniature Versions

For toddler boys, there are a lot of miniature versions of adult styles. This could include a hoodie or cargo pants. It can still be age appropriate with a fun saying or animal on it.

6. Winter Coats

If you just buy one quality warm coat, it can last all winter. Just go with a neutral color that is going to match your child's entire wardrobe. Neutral colors for kids are a little different than neutrals for adults. The basic clothing pieces are bolder colors for toddlers. Look for pinks and purples for girls or red and blue for boys.

7. Shrugs and Cardigans

Shrugs and cardigans are a popular style for adults, and this is showing up in kid's fashion as well. Look for one shrug that will match a lot of your daughter's summer tank tops so you can use the tanks all year round.

8. Blazers

Blazers for toddler girls are a big trend. Look for loose sleeves that allow for easy maneuvering. You'll also want to get a comfortable fabric like flannel or fleece.

9. Skirts

Skirts are less expensive than dresses, and you can incorporate a lot of the jackets and tops that you might already own for a budget friendly outfit. Toddler skirts are a little shorter than for other ages. You can get different looks by using tights or leggings. You can get a denim skirt that will match anything or a basic cotton piece in a light cream or pink color. Look for youthful details like ruffles or pleating. You can also experiment with bold patterns, like animal prints in fun colors like orange.