How To Talk To Women

What Should I Say

How do you talk to women you are interested in?  

The first step is awareness. Many people don’t even know what is really going on with them when they are talking to women they are interested in. They just go full throttle and then afterwards they are wondering why they said that, how they said it, if they even should have said it and how they looked and sounded when they said it. And so on!

A good sense of humor is the magic ingredient, for a good and pleasant conversation. A woman can get very attracted to you through humor. Humor is a great way to get a conversation started and develop the right atmosphere, and set the right mood for your conversation. It is also a way to establish your own credibility and enhance your image.   
However, a conversation with on humorous talks or jokes is in itself not really a conversation. If you want to get a women to laugh and feel good, and at ease throughout, you must be good at conversation as well.   
First, you must learn, or at least believe that you are a funny, charming and likable guy. There is no angry, pushy, insecure or shy guy that can get a woman to laugh easily. 
It is one thing to know what to say and do and another to implement it while feeling comfortable doing so.  
Here are some things you should think about. 
Check your body language. Always check your body language now and then when you are in a conversation. 

Have a nice appearance. Goes without saying, look good.
Smile and be happy. Even if you don't feel great, smile and relax.

Show appreciation for her and what she has to say, but don't over due it and be honest, don't say it just to say it. 

Find out and understand her views and what she likes.
Listen to what she has to say. Don't just pretend to do it, do it! There is a difference. 
Mirror her movements and match her behavior. Don't over do it!
Have some good and interesting topics to talk about. Be prepared.