You probably have designed your bridal attire after extensive research on the internet for so long. You even have read articles and blogs over planning the whole wedding events. When you are doing it all as what our generation do, why to go with traditional wedding cards made of paper? “Going paperless” is not only trendy but the need of the hour as well. Many couples have chosen the paperless route when it comes to their wedding invites.

There are some obvious benefits of going paperless with wedding cards which are:

  • They are a lot easier to plan.

  • They make wedding invitations a lot more interesting and memorable over those mundane printed wedding cards.

For this year and many more to come along, E-invites are all raged up and are counted among the latest wedding trends. Yes, the digital wedding invitation is what’s trending. Don’t fuss over whether your guests will like it or not as this eco-friendly solution will not only reach their houses but make a way to their hearts as well. So for this post, we are bringing along some things to remember while planning your Wedding E-invites. These things are very substantial, so make sure you keep them in your mind while consulting with designers for your Indian wedding invitations.

So without further dragging it over, let’s start with these things to remember while getting your e-invites made:

1. Always start with a catchy introduction

The first thing to keep in mind is to astound your guests with the introduction of your wedding E-invites. You can commence with a two-liner poem or even something adorable for your guests. With this stupendous introduction, let your guests fall in love with the invitations at first glance. Make sure it is something so spot-on that even your guests can’t resist without mentioning “how exceptional it is” in person or via phone.

2. Make it “twinning” with wedding decor

No, we are not saying that you have to design your wedding E-invitations that way. What we are saying is to have a color scheme that matches with the colors of your wedding decor. It will ensure that the whole vent has some kind of continuity while letting your guests have a little sneak-peek of wedding theme and colors.

3. Online RSVPs

Now there is no need to fuss over when you will be getting RSVP from the guests so as to proceed with the preparations. With wedding E-invitations, guests can submit their RSVP with a simple click. If you’re going with a wedding website, then the guests can go there to RSVP. And if you’re sending Wedding E-invitations, you can ask the designer to add the feature of RSVP. This will make things not only easier for you, but for your guests as well. Also, you get the confirmation early which means you can plan accordingly.

4. Proofreading is a must

When it comes to E-invitations, we are pretty sure that you already are being a lot of experimental. It allows you to do so as you can add a lot like GIF files, videos, etc to your digital invitations which were not possible in traditional wedding cards. But while incorporating all that, don’t forget to add the right courtesy titles to your invitations. Also, the invitations should be written in a third person way. If you’re all confused, your designers for Indian wedding cards can help you. After all, this doesn’t forget to proofread it all once.

5. Don’t forget the follow-ups

Let’s be honest as E-invitations don’t ask for much to put in. Therefore it is necessary for people to follow up after sending them. You can do that over the phone or through another e-invitation too. As it is not physical, recipients might forget about it. So make sure you take a follow-up a few days before the big day.

6. Be playful with formats

One of the best things about the digital wedding invitations is you can bid adieu to traditional formats. Yes, you don’t have to follow them necessarily. Moreover, you can add whatever you want without fussing over.

7. Don’t make it all cluttered

Yeah, we did say that you can add anything, but make sure you know the limit as well. You don’t want it to look a cluttered mess of so many things altogether. For instance, don’t go with more than two different fonts as it will not soothe the eyes. Go minimal with the designs too as “less is more”.

8. Let your wedding invitation be its voice

If you want to step up your invitation game, then you can even go with video e-invitations for your wedding. They are super catchy and appeal every eye. In fact, most of the times these invites just etch to the guest’s memory. Don’t forget to include the necessary details like date, timings, venue of the wedding.

9. Pull-off your social media game

You probably are aware of the trend where couples come up with a unique hashtag for their wedding. You too can have it and let it be a part of your wedding invitation as well to let your guests know about it. As guests will be posting so many pictures from your wedding, with these Hashtags, you can easily locate all of them.

These are the few things that will help you in acing your E-invitations for the wedding. As it is still a new thing for many, there are chances that you might stumble across some errors. Therefore always go for professional designers for your wedding E-invitations. Also, there are many people on guest lists that don’t have tech access especially the elderly guests. So, make sure you have traditional Indian wedding cards for them.