Red Carpet Tricks To Taking Good Pictures

The first thing most people say when they look at their photo is they don’t like how they look. We immediately see our flaws. The camera tends to emphasize everything. Well celebrities and models seem to always look so good, especially on the red carpet because they know the tricks of the trade and they apply them  when taking photos. Here are some of those red carpet tricks. There are 9 tips on how to look good in pictures.
The double chin is a curse to us all and never makes us look good. The most common mistake is pointing your chin down to0 far, this creates a double chin, especially if the cameraperson is shorter than you are. Keep your chin up. Also, when your standing on your side and you turn your head to face the camera, this can cause a double chin as well. Keeping your chin up will also elongate your neck, which looks good. Always remember to keep your chin up and don’t turn your head too much.
This is always a problem for everyone. The camera puts 5 pounds on you but standing at the right angle can make you look 5 pounds thinner. When standing, turn your body at a 45-degree angle away from the camera and slightly bend one leg. This is used by many celebrities and very popular. It's rare that you see celebrities posing with their bodies completely straight towards the camera.
Bad posture can ruin a photo. Practice good posture at all times. Stand straight, chin up, suck your belly in and shoulders back (but drop your shoulders). Then relax to look natural. Don’t look stiff and don’t look hunched back. Even when you’re sitting down for a photo, always have good posture. 
Many times in our photos when we are wearing a sleeveless dress or top, our upper arms can look bigger. The trick here is to put your hands on your waist and elbows out so your upper arm isn’t pressing against your body making your upper arms look bigger. When your arm is away from your body, your arms look thinner. Try this in the mirror. 
Good lighting is always good for pictures. Dark light or shadows can create unattractive shadows on the face. It can give you dark shadows under the eyes, on the side of your nose or under the chin. Stand in front of the sun or stay away from any overhead lighting indoors and you will avoid unwanted shadows in your pictures.
A shiny face from sweating or from excessive oil stands out in photos, especially on the forehead and nose. Before photos just remember to powder puff your face with face powder to absorb the oils and give you a matte finish. Always carry your face powder with you, a shiny face tends to keep coming back and you never know when you’re going to pose for a picture.
Stand in front of the mirror and practice your signature 45-degree angle pose, posture, chin up and smile. Practice your smile. People are often disappointed when they smile too hard or too soft. You want to look natural and pretty. Practicing in the mirror will help you see what the camera sees. The tip is to get your picture pose down so when it’s time to take a picture, you immediately know what to do and what’s your best angle and smile.
Some outfits make us look frumpy or heavier than we are. Be careful with layered and baggy clothes they often give out this illusion especially when you’re sitting down in a photo. Ultra- tight clothing can show off curves that you don’t want to be seen or it can push out
If your wearing foundation that is too heavy and too light for your skin, it will show up in your pictures like a mask. Using too much concealer under your eyes will also show up like white circles around the eye. Heavy frost can  look shiny in photos or make your eyes look smaller, so don’t over do the frost. Make sure your make up is applied correctly. We've all heard that you need to wear heavier makeup in pictures because the camera makes you look like your not wearing any. That's true in most cases, good lighting will pick up if your wearing way too much makeup. Just take caution when applying heavier makeup. If your not wearing enough makeup or no makeup at all, you can look washed out in pictures as well. 

Red Carpet tricks to taking good pictures

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