9 Tips on How to Make Monday a Happy Day
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Smell the flowers, slow down, regain control.

9 Tips on How to Make Monday a Happy Day

This works for me.

Every week the majority of people will awake from their Sunday Blues jumping right into the Monday Madness and will be dreading to start the week ahead. Monday is the worst day of the week for most people. Does that sound like you? There are some easy tools you can implement to help you to a better start to the week. You don't have to follow all of the tips I listed. Just choose what works for you, give it a try and see how you can improve your well-being. Hopefully this will help you for next Monday!

Reclaim your inner calm and extend your weekend feeling with these easy tips that work for me:

Tip #1: Start your day right
Before frantically jumping out of bed with the alarm clock,  close your eyes again for just a few seconds. Stretch, take a deep breath and put a smile on your face. This will immediately put you in a good frame of mind. I like to think of the weekend lasting from Friday afternoon until Monday 9am. So there is no need to worry about Monday at 6am, right? After all, it's just an ordinary day. Everybody is in the same boat. So a great thing you can do is to re-gain control and get off with the right foot.

Tip #2: All about you
Make the first minutes of your day all about you. After all, you need to look after yourself first to be able to look well after anyone else in your family. Even if you are by yourself, these first minutes can become your ritual to get your day off a good start. Lock the bathroom door, feel that fresh water on your skin, take your time and enjoy just being alive. You can think of it like putting on your positive frame of mind skin before entering the outside world.

Tip #3: Get a healthy breakfast
Set your foundation for the day and the week ahead and make sure you get some healthy nutrients into your body. Some fruit and a juice are a great way to start the day. It's the fuel for your body. Treat it well and it will serve you well. While you're at it, drink a big glass of water too.

Tip #4: Get organized
Write a small list of things you want to get done today. That is, outside of work. Things like 'buying healthy groceries after work to prepare a delicious dinner' or 'make sure to get out for a walk before bedtime tonight'. And how about 'book movie tickets for tomorrow'? This little list will get your mind thinking about all the positives outside of work that you can look forward to.

Tip #5: Smile at strangers
Once you're out of the house, make an effort to smile at every person you meet along your way to work. It's amazing how this little gesture can make you feel great and lighten someone else's day. After all, it's Monday for everyone out there.

Tip #6: Get social
How many times have you come to work and jumped right into your email inbox? It's a simple change of mindset that is totally up to you to control: Don't turn on your emails straightaway. Say hello to your colleagues, ask about their weekend, connect, and smile. Maybe you can set a lunch date for later. This way you have something to look forward to.

Tip #7: Set up your day
You might have a to-do list from last Friday, or if not start one now. Put a simple list of things together you want to achieve today at work. Keep it close all day and cross off every achievement once you have completed it. This will make you feel in control and gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

Tip #8: Breathe
This might sound obvious, but how many times do we get angry and frustrated in situations because we let situations or emails or colleagues do this to us. Gain control by taking a deep breath, stay calm and evaluate your response. Often it is better to wait with a response if anything makes us feel so agitated. You are in control of your actions and you can control that these actions are calm and collected.

Tip #9: Go home on time
Treat yourself well. Go home on time and use every minute to get fresh air into your lungs, smile at strangers on your way home, be proud of yourself for the things you have achieved today however small they might be and make sure you end your day in a calm and balanced way. Remember that you are in control of your feelings. Don't let anyone or any circumstances control you and your reactions.

So here you are. These tips should get you going for a good start. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. After all, Monday is just one ordinary day. One of seven days this week. One day in your life. Make it count! Here's to a Happy Monday for you!

What are your tips for making Monday a happy day?