Real iPad

With all the buzz around the iPad, there is surprisingly little interest in actually owning one amongst the general population. This morning I was in the shower and I was trying to think of ways one could use the iPad that would make it more convenient than a full fledged laptop, yet more functional than just using your iPod touch/iphone (or a Kindle for that matter)

After doing a fair amount of contemplating, these are the ways that I would use an Apple iPad if I was to buy one myself.

iPad for Photographers
Since the evolution of the digital camera, everybody and their brother seems to be a professional photographer these days. Outside of checking references for photographers, like most work, the proof is in the pudding. If you are a photographer, just load your portfolio onto an iPad and pack it with you to your interview. Not only will your clients be happy to see full sized copies of your work, they will also be impressed by your technical know how.

iPad photographer

iPad for Commuters
There are well over 400 million people in North America and since not every one of us can afford to live right next to the action of your local city, we are forced to commute. Whether you car pool, take the train, the bus, the trolley or the subway, if you are commuting chances are you have at least thirty minutes to an hour a day that you are wasting accomplishing nothing. Grab an iPad and fill it up with episodes of your favourites shows or eBooks and spend that hour being entertained instead of miserable and bored. Sure you could put some TV shows on your iPhone, but you'd have a major kink in your neck from looking down at that tiny screen the whole time.

iPad Commuter

iPad as an Ebook Reader
If you are only looking for an ebook reader it might be cheaper for you to go out and buy a Kindle, but the fact of the matter is the iPad has a much bigger reading area to make reading an ebook easier for those without the best vision. Couple the ebook reader with all the other cool features the iPad has and you are getting much more than an eBook reader.

iPad Ebooks

iPad for Whiny Kids
I'm fortunate enough to not have any kids at this point in my life, but there is nothing more distracting than two kids in the back seat complaining about being bored. Sure you could go and install a DVD system in your vehicle but if you have more than one car, the DVD player route starts to get really expensive really quickly. Load your iPad up with movies, games and other fun things for your kids to do, and you can keep them quiet for hours without having to buy units for multiple rides.

little brat

iPad for Ad hoc Presentations
Nobody really likes having meetings in their local Starbucks, but lets face it, life is unpredictable and sometimes Starbucks is the only place two people can agree on. Try to find a location with a decent seating arrangement and sit as far away from the woman with the three squawking kids. Once you are situated, whip out your iPad as opposed to your big ass clunky laptop and begin your presentation. I bet your iPhone can't do that.

iPad presentation

iPad for Travel
Travelling is one of those things where I always want to bring my laptop but don't feel like being burdened by size of the damn thing. Having a computer handy when on vacation is a great way to find all the local hot spots without having to believe everything the bell boy or concierge tells you. Also, it is a great time killer while you burn 5 hours of your life on a plane.

iPad Travel

iPad for the 140,000 Apps
I'm sure you've probably already heard this because Apple is broadcasting this like crazy, but another benefit to scoring the iPad instead of another eBook reader is that right out of the box you get access to all of the compatible iPhone apps. Not a bad way to launch a new product huh?

iPad Apps

iPad for Adult Material
Now I won't go into too much detail about this, but if you want to get away from your significant other for some high quality alone time, let us just say that you can't typically drag your entire computer into somewhere private like your bathroom. On the other hand, a nice slick 10" device can easily be smuggled into the bathroom for some high quality 1 on 1 time with yourself.

iPad adult material

iPad for Cardio at the Gym
Everybody has different requirements for their gadgets and for me, being able to watch what I want at the gym while I get some cardiovascular exercise in is what is important to me. I've tried packing my iTouch to the gym and quite frankly trying to watch a movie on that tiny screen always kills my neck. After just one attempt I decided that the neck pain just wasn't worth the entertainment value and went back to listening to my iPod Nano. If I could watch a nice 10" screen and hookup a nice wireless Bluetooth stereo head set and I would be in cardio heaven.

iPad Cardio

While I'm sure everybody is going to have their own reasons why the iPad might be worth picking up, these are the uses I could come up with this morning in the shower. I originally didn't think the iPad was something that I was interested in, but after spending some time contemplating it, I think the product holds some solid value.


If you have any other uses, I'd love to hear them! Post them in the comments