Versatility is something that you should consider both when you go shoe shopping and when you put together an outfit. You can take a basic flat shoe and turn it into a fashion statement if you make the right shopping and accessory choices. You can find these shoes at Johnston & Murphy and Masseys. Here are nine ways to dress up flats:

1. Look For Details

This is going to keep the flat shoe fashion forward. This is a basic in footwear, so look for ways to really change it up with the latest trends. If ruffles are popular on the runway, then look for a few of these on the toe for a feminine touch.

2. Add in Color on Your Shoes

You might not want to wear a red or purple dress because it seems too flashy. Instead, try out a black dress with evening and add in a splash of color with high end footwear. Shoes are a subtle way to get the same color from the fashion magazines into your wardrobe.

3. Accessorize the Rest of Your Outfit

Flat shoes can have subtle metallic accents on them such as buckles and studs. You can really take cues from this for the rest of your outfit. Use the same metallic tone on oversized bangle bracelets and chandelier earrings for a cohesive look.

4. Get a Unique Take on Leather

The finish of leather should match the rest of yoru outfit. For the office, try a patent leather or faux crocodile look. These are sleek and modern materials that also add texture to a basic suit. Continue the same color of leather onto your handbag or briefcase.

5. Play around with the Silhouette

Penny loafers are usually flats and can have a two tone effect. You can also change up a basic ballet flat with a pointed toe.

6. Make a Statement with the Rest of Your Outfit

If you're afraid that flat shoes might go unnoticed, then really go over the top with the silhouette of the rest of your outfit. Your shoes can act as a comfortable neutral part to a more intricate outfit. Try layering cardigans or scarves in bold patterns or bright colors on top of a plain blouse.

7. Use Flats for Casual Wear

A ballet flat is a chic alternative to a pair of sneakers. This is a way to add more glamour to your everyday wardrobe. Try this out with an oversized purse and a pair of dark wash jeans for a modern version of a basic outfit.

8. Buy Looks that Are Appropriate for the Office

Flat shoes work well in an office environment because of the comfort factor. However, business footwear should have an air of sophistication. You can get a tweed version of flat that will coordinate with all of the blacks, grays and whites in your work wardrobe. This adds subtle pattern and texture to your outfit that is still appropriate for work.

9. Keep up with Fashion Trends

Try to find aged or distressed leather that gives a rustic or southwest look to an outfit. Then, pair it with a brown leather belt and turquoise jewelry to complete your accessories.