9 Ways to get their phone Number
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     Have you ever seen someone who you want to get close to and spend some time with alone? You wonder how you can connect in this world of cell phones, computers, texting, and tablets. Making that connection with a person and finding out how to contact them is of great importance if you want to get the partner you deserve. It seems simple enough; “can I have your phone number” are not hard words to pronounce and they have no double meaning, well, most of the time. However doing this is one of the most frightening and exciting things you can actually do. The feeling of elation you get when you finally get their number is fantastic and promises of a relationship to come.  Once you have their phone number you can really connect and make them part of your life. So here are nine ways to get their phone number!

  • The quick and easy: You see someone you like, approach them and say “Hi my friends and I are just leaving, but I noticed you from across the room, and you are totally hot/beautiful/attractive, can you put your number into my phone?”; as you are handing them your phone. You still have to work on your phone and text skills later, but this way you get a quick and easy in with them. They are flattered and will most likely give you their number.
  • The command:  At the height of the interaction with your new friend you just simply say, “Put your number in my phone”, and hand her your phone. Most likely people will do what they are commanded to do; it’s part of our culture to follow leaders.
  • The extraction question: As you are leaving the conversation you say “listen, I have to run but let’s keep in touch” and hand them your phone. It’s very non-threatening and if they are at all interested in seeing you again they will put their number in your phone.
  • The reversal: Say to them, “I’ll give you my number OK, but don’t be calling me ten times a day”, and then give them your phone number; usually they will reciprocate. It’s playful and communicates to them that you understand not to call them ten times a day.
  • The reason: Find a reason to get back to them during the course of your conversation and you can say “that’s great; give me your number so I can back to you about that”. Wither it’s about lending a book, DVD or favorite recipe.
  • The invite: This is where you mention an event that you might be going too and you invite them to it during the conversation. “You seem cool; you should come to that BBQ, dance or party that is happening at...” then offer to get their number so you can get in touch with them about it. Tell them to bring their friends and it will make it very non-threatening.
  • The offer: This is where you invite them to take your number and leave it at that. They will usually reciprocate and if not they will definitely call having found you to be a very cool, non-threatening person.
  • The playful approach: Simply say in a playful way, “I wish there was some way we could keep in touch, I wonder if this strange device can help us?”As you hold up your cell phone.  I know this seems obvious with the both of you likely having cellular phones, but that is the point, and it puts the thought into their minds; giving  them a chance to laugh and say “here, take my number”.
  • The simple question: During the conversation you simply ask “Do you have a phone on you? Here I will give you my phone number”. Again very non-threatening and super simple.

     So you can see there are at least nine different ways to get the phone number of a person you would like to keep in contact with. One technological advantage you can give yourself is to get the “Bump” app for you phone. It allows you to “bump” phones with someone and instantly transfer their contact info into your phone. It’s super simple, easy to use and completely takes any awkwardness out of it by shaving the information transfer down to an instant. So get out there and make lots of connections with people. Your life will be far richer and filled with opportunity!