Get The Speed You Need

The internet has developed to such an extent that many people are starting to use it for streaming all sorts of media content. In fact, with a decent broadband connection, it is possible to do away with a whole host of set top boxes, radios, DVD players and generally free the living areas of the house from the clutter of devices and cables.

However, if the speed of your broadband connection is too slow to support the use that you want to put it to, the data can bottleneck and cause buffering and stuttering that vastly decreases the user experience to the point that it becomes extremely frustrating.

If you’re looking to get a little extra juice from your internet connection then this article will guide you through the quickest ways to speed up your internet connection and to keep it running smoothly.

1. Go wired

While Wi-Fi is fantastic the truth is that going wired will help most people increase your internet connection dramatically. Unless you’re using a specially bought router the chances are interference from electrical devices, signal problems and distance from the router will be affecting your broadband speed. So plug in for a little extra juice.

 2. Ensure your security is working and up-to-date

While security software does use a small amount of your broadband connection it also stops other programs using your internet connection. Malware and other viruses can suck away huge amounts of your bandwidth and are often responsible for a noticeably slower internet connection!

 3. Update your browser

New browsers are simply faster. They’ll have improved speeds and interfaces and well basically are faster – so check for updates.

 4. Stop programs accessing the internet

Programs are always looking for updates, communicating with other servers and generally clogging up your bandwidth. Most security software will let you add or remove programs allowed to access the internet and you can also check your cpu usage screens to see which programs are accessing the internet – stop any that aren’t necessary.

 5. Buy a new router

Most company provided broadband routers are fairly low quality and if you’ve had yours for a while it will be outdated. If you buy a decent wireless router you will tend to get better basic settings. Plus you will have the additional opportunities to tweak your router to maximise performance – as standard company settings tend not to be editable – or very good!

 6. Talk to your broadband provider

When you’re internet speeds are far below your original plan it is a good idea to contact your broadband provider and ask them to make changes to your router and connection. Sometimes this will involve them accessing your router online and sometimes they will need to send out a technician. I personally have had a technician replace all my out dated phone wires which improved my connection dramatically.

7. Use router security

While it’s obvious to many of us, hundreds of thousands of people still don’t use router security and even more people aren’t switching their passwords.  It’s been shown that your network can be hacked in about 5 minutes without a secure password and this means other people could be using your internet connection!

 8. Replace your filters

Your filters in your home determine how quickly data can be transferred and you can lose a lot of bandwidth with poor filters. You can buy new filters from most electronics stores and fitting them takes less than 10 minutes! They’ll help bump an old line up reasonably well too.

 9. Monitor your speed

When you’re applying all these tips you will want to use a speed test to monitor your performance. Once you have applied all of these tips, regularly speed testing will let you monitor your performance and ensure that things stay as they should!

Final thoughts

Ensuring that you have adequate broadband speed opens you up to the possibility of using your computer to replace just about every multi-media device in the home. Making sure that you have adequate broadband speed and applying these techniques to maintain and even improve what you have, will help to make both the transition and the resulting user experience a rewarding one.






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