9 reasons you shouldn't use social Medias for your business

Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. Which mean everybody should be using them right? Wrong, here are 9 reasons you shouldn’t use social Medias for your business!

#1 They are time consuming

Yeah, it takes about 1-2 minutes to post a status update on your Twitter account or your Facebook page... maybe 2 hours to write an article for your blog... but did you consider the time it takes to make a follow-up and to interact with your client base? Did you consider the time you need to keep that profile updated, do researches or produce quality content for every platform where you are on display?

#2 They are expensive

I hear you say: “but aren’t they free”. Most of them yes, but the time you’ll invest in it isn’t! How much time a week are you spending on social Medias? How much would it cost you if you hired an employee to do it for you? Those are questions we seldom ask because the effort we put into is highly fragmented... time to crunch those numbers and get a real picture!

#3 The ROI sucks

So, did you crunch your numbers yet? How much time and money did you invest in social Medias? How many sales did it produce?  Chances are you have no ideas yourself... worst, social medias probably aren’t your best seller either...

#4 It just doesn't apply to your business!

To whom are you selling? If you have a business to business model, chances are you know everyone of your clients and their dog by name... why would you need a mean of mass communication to reach your clients when you can pick up a phone and take a more personal approach ?

#5 Not everyone is connected

While it’s quickly growing, social Medias don’t allow you to reach everyone just yet... If you want to reach a demographic between 16 and 30, statistics shows they are mostly all online, but what about older peoples... Is your client base technically challenged or are they power users. Can you reach most of them or are you wasting your time?

#6 You probably don't know how to use them anyway...

Social Medias are a new form of marketing based heavily on building and maintaining relationships with your clients. Translation: it’s not a printed add or à TV commercial. Your client can actually answer back and tell you how lame that add really was. Your client will also expects to have a say in what you and be heard.

#7 I'm not shopping on Facebook, are you?

Most people use Facebook as a hobby, not to keep tab on how well your business is doing. Most people (more than 60%) will like your page for the discount you’re offering. They want value, not just another pointless ad.

#8 Don't hold your breath...

As with a brand name, it takes time to build a community. Don’t expect the money invested now to turn a profit any day soon. If you haven’t try other approaches, you might want to test the ones with proven effectiveness first. Search engine optimisation anyone?

#9 It's hard to pick the right one

Every social Medias has a purpose and its own inner working. They don’t reach the same persons for the same reasons and you don’t use them the same. Frequency is also an issue. Furthermore, while America is dominated by Facebook, you’ll find Hi5 in Europe and Orkut in India, LinkedIn for business and MySpace for music. The list goes on...

So here goes, 9 reasons you shouldn’t use social Medias for your business! Now, are you going to use it anyway or skip it alltogether ? Did it change your approach on the matter ? Tell us what you're marketing plan will be for your different social accounts !