Stress Kills

One AAA way to relieve stress in every day life, is through meditation. We all have a great deal to do in today's world and most stress is usually caused by the lack of time to get it all done. Sometimes, taking a little time, to shut it all down and go inside, with all of our thoughts and dreams, can have a positive effect on our mental stability.

Working to provide for the family and to acquire the necessities we need has always been the main priority for most adults in a society. Not having enough income to do these things, is a common issue today and financial woes, are one of the biggest stress makers there is.

There are many reasons that financial issues cause stress. A feeling of inadequacy in providing for the ones we love is only one. Worry for the well being of ourselves, the lifestyle we want and the inability to achieve these accomplishments, all combine to put us in a state of emotional turmoil.

Most will find that when they have extra funds and finances are not a worry, their state of mind and outlook on life improve dramatically. This is usually the case for people who are struggling through life trying to earn just enough money to get by. The higher income people, who have plenty of disposable income, have avoided this aspect of stress.

Having plenty of money, however, doesn't promise to eliminate stress. It will put the emphasis on different causes, some more daunting then being poor. There are different issues for these folks and they will all tell you, without the money they would probably be happier. This of course, is always said, by those who have had money right along. The ones who have never had the resources to be financially comfortable, will hold an opposite opinion.

Stress can come from many other sources as well. Children can be a large part of our worries. We want the best for our kids and any issues they face are always their parents' issues as well. Taking on the problems of our siblings is genetically inherent in human beings. Large families will often have stressed out members, just from the amount of activity that goes on constantly within these homes.

Taking time for ourselves is a measure that society has begun to understand, as necessary to keep a little peace of mind. A time to analyze our lives and get a grasp on our emotional well being. Getting away from the things that cause our stress, is one of the only ways to reduce it.

When returning from the mental sabbatical of meditation, things can be much clearer and the route of our issues will become better defined. Making adjustments to the cause can be accomplished much easier when we have time to figure out what they are. Most people today are bombarded with one thing after another. This causes confusion in the decision making process and makes getting anything accomplished virtually impossible.

When overwhelmed with stress the human body will take evasive action. We all have emotional triggers. These jump off points for the thought process keep us from going insane. The mind knows when there is too much going on for us to handle. It warns us first with the realization that something has to change.

Changing the things that are giving us despair will relieve the stress caused by emotional downturns. Look at life in a prioritized way. Maybe a list is in order. Start with the most important things in life and work down. Put a plus or minus sign next to each item. List each person in life that effects your emotional well being. List the tasks that are performed on a daily basis and add their respective plus or minus.

Once we have a complete list in front of us, we need to concentrate on spending more time with the plus categories and eliminating the minuses. Rearranging our time to be more balanced with solving issues and enjoying those that help our emotional state. Cutting our losses, on some issues that show no positive effect on our well being, is going to free up time to focus on the activities that boost our moral.

Comedy is a natural stress reliever. Laughing with friends, or a chuckle from something read, brings an instant flood of upbeat emotion. Laughter is by far the best medicine for stress relief. This natural form of relief, will cause endorphins to be released in our brain. The scientific world describes this phenomenon as chemical. A reaction to these endorphins within our brain.

Medications can relieve stress and are widely prescribed today. This however, is a temporary fix for this problem. No one wants to need medication. This is the definition of physical addiction. Our stress problems are not physical, despite the fact that they can cause physical symptoms. The human mind is an amazing organism. It is self healing as well as self protecting.

The only way to relieve stress is to solve the issues that are causing the stress. Eliminate the culprit. Get to the bottom of the problem in a hurry. Identify what's bringing so much anxiety and deal with it first. This brings us back to our list. Work down the minus column and try to move each item to the plus column, by tackling them one at a time. This method of adjusting our priorities can show surprising results.

If there is an issue that has no solution, then time is needed to better evaluate this issue. Finding this time in a hectic world I understand is difficult at best, but necessary to a happier life. Moving items from negatives to positives will have a cumulative effect and it will get easier. Each time an issue is resolved, more time becomes available for the rest.

Choose a time of day when interruptions will be at a minimum. Find a quiet spot away from distractions and work on the list. Do this each day and never sacrifice this time. If a routine is developed, that helps to relieve the tension felt, then stick to it. Adjust the time spent as needed. Everyone's life is different and so are the levels of anxiety they experience.

A journal can be helpful to some. This is because when we pour out the things that are on our mind, it puts them in another dimension. Taking the thought that is abstract and incomplete and laying it out on paper to read after, can make it much clearer to some.

Stressed Is Desserts Backwards

Remember at all costs, that the effects of stress are anti productive, both mentally and physically. Resolving these issues is imperative to experiencing a long and happy life. Try to pay attention more to the things in life that make you laugh and less on those that make you cry. Although both are present in all of us, one thing is for sure. We all need a AAA way to relieve stress in every day life.

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