ABEC 3 bearings for skateboards are some of the most commonly used among the majority of skateboarders, but how many of you actually know what ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are? With all the different ratings it can be tough to decide whether ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are right for you. In this article, I will explain what ABEC 3 skateboard bearings actually are, which companies sell them, where to get them, and the pros and cons of using them.

What are ABEC 3 Skateboard Bearings?

You have probably noticed by now that most complete skateboards you buy come standard with ABEC 3 bearings. You have also probably noticed that there are also ABEC 5 bearings, ABEC 7 bearings, and even ABEC 9 bearings for skateboards as well. The ABEC rating is used as a scale to measure overall smoothness and friction. ABEC ratings are used in odd numbers with 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest. The higher the number, the smoother the skateboard bearings are, and the less friction is involved.

Who Makes ABEC 3 Bearings for Skateboards?

Since ABEC 3 bearings are the most commonly used skateboard bearings, you can buy them from any company that makes bearings for skateboards. If you're looking to buy some, here are the most popular and trusted brands that I would reccomend you look for:

  • Powell
  • Black Panthers
  • Bones
  • Pig
  • Spitfire
  • Lucky
  • Element
  • Zero
  • FKD
  • Momentum
  • Reflex
  • Speed Demons
  • Zoo York
  • Speed Metal

Where to Buy ABEC 3 Bearings for Skateboards

If you're out and about in the real world, you're going to want to go to your local skate shop. Many cities have skate shops, but if you don't have your own, you can always find a big mall in a nearby city. Malls usually have at least one skate shop in them. One of the more popular ones I can think of in America is called Flamigo's, and they have a great selection of all things skateboarding. The other option is to shop online.

There are many places online that sell ABEC 3 bearings for skateboards, which makes it easy for you to find a good deal. The best places to look are going to be your reputable sites like CCS, SkateAmerica, TheSkateboardStore, Amazon, and eBay. When you're looking around online, make sure you shop around and compare prices. There is a lot of cheap skateboard stuff out there in cyberspace and the best way to find it is to take a few minutes to look around at different websites. When you're forced to pay shipping and handling, it's always a good idea to try and find some cheap skateboard bearings to make up for that extra cost.

Buying Cheap ABEC 3 Bearings

It is highly reccomended if you're looking to buy some cheap ABEC 3 bearings for your skateboard that you buy from a reputable company (see list above) and from a legitimate seller or website. Cheap ABEC 3 bearings can sometimes be a horrible investment because some of the lesser known companies like to try to make some extra profit by not making quality skateboard bearings. ABEC 3 bearings are already relatively cheap as it is, so if you really need to get some cheap ones, at least make sure you're getting a quality product. The whole point of buying cheap ABEC 3 bearings for your skateboard would be to save money, and if you end up getting junk bearings, you will have just wasted money, defeating the purpose of what you originally planned to do to begin with.

Pros and Cons of ABEC 3 Bearings for Skateboards


ABEC 3 bearings come standard in most complete skateboards you buy, as mentioned earlier, and since they are one of the lower rated skateboard bearings, they are some of the most affordable ones you can buy.

Another great thing about them is that you can get them from any company you want. All of the most reputable companies have ABEC 3 skateboard bearings available, which gives you piece of mind knowing you are buying from a legitimate seller and are going to get a quality product.

ABEC 3 bearings are also great for beginners at skateboarding, especially the young kids. That's not to say that only beginners and kids should use them, it's just that they are easier and safer for that demographic. ABEC 3 bearings are good because you don't have to worry about going too fast on your skateboard, or rolling down slight inclines most of the time. Fast, smooth skateboard bearings may be nice but they make landing tricks a lot harder because of how fast the wheels are still spinning when you land.


ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are not as fast or durable as the higher rated ones. They don't seem to last as long if you're a frequent skateboarder, and damp conditions tend to ruin them. Being that they are slower than higher rated skateboard bearings, it makes it a little more difficult skateboarding up inclines or hills. It also make it so you have to exert more energy pushing off and trying to pick up speed, which could wear you down enough to make your trick sloppier than it could be.

Unfortunately, a few ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are just not made with as much care as others. You have to be careful who you buy from because it's easy for some companies to skip out on attention to quality to instead make a better profit. Always make sure you buy from trusted sites and reputable brands.

ABEC 3 skateboard bearings also tend to need lubricated more often than the higher rated ones. Lubrication will keep your ABEC 3 bearings from locking up and getting ruined, but sometimes it can be a pain to do. You can get lubrication for skateboard bearings at any skate shop both online and in the real world.

After reading through this article, it's quite obvious that ABEC 3 bearings are not for everyone. Every skateboarder has their own style and preferences, and ABEC 3 bearings do not always meet the demands of some skaters. Although, contrary to popular belief, ABEC 3 skateboard bearings do have their fair share of advantages as I discussed earlier. Luckily, there are plenty of other skateboard bearings out there to choose from. If you're interested in any of the other types, make sure you take a look at my other InfoBarrels that have been contextually linked throughout this article.