There is truth in the idea that a real god is omnipresent. We cannot escape it. It is the sidewalks which we walk and the roads that we travel. It is the time that we wake to get to our jobs and perform our duties and the distractions we use to feel the void between those phases that we indulge so that we may fit in with others. God comes streaming forth from our televisions, smiles at us from the news-stands, and sings to us from our radios. God is why it is more important to us who some prominent actress is fucking then why we have not established a colony on the Moon. God is the guilt we feel in pleasure, and the pleasure we feel in guilt. God is taught to us in our churches and our schools, and is constanly re-enforced by our peers and authorities. God is omnipresent because he is in our heads. Our spirituality is the sense that there is something to the universe greater then that which we can perceive with our immediate senses, something that binds us to all other things. God is how we perceive this potentiality.

God is therefore a matter of perception. Man made god, which is why most relegions teach that god just happened. The fact that man just happened is something that we cannot accept easily. Man has to have purpose. God is not man, and therefore has no such need in our minds. Since god is a matter of perception; we have a choice and a responsibility. We can choose to define god for ourselves, but in doing so must be willing to accept both the rewards and the consequences of our choice. For most, it is easier to let others define god for us, and therefore receive the brunt of the burden of the responsibility. This frailty in our collective thinking has made for a powerful tool in the hands of those who would seek to control us.

The great religions instruct their practitioners to act in the interests of the greater good; self-denial, sacrifice, martyrdom, and the like. The promised reward is often something that can never be offered by those enforcing the bargain, typically paradise and eternal life beyond death. Those who flee the responsibilities of being deserve servitude to false ideas, so it is best to let them have it. Religions have been built on the desires of non-believers and the sweat and blood of the faithful.