Marriage is a mutual relationship between a man and a woman. Encyclopedia also defines as a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that create kinship. The institution marriage is based on interpersonal relationship in which different individual with different background culture and belief form a union. Marriage is been formalized through wedding ceremony. In some countries marriage is only allowed to take place between two opposite sex so that they mutually come together to produce offspring. Whereas in some sovereignty state it can also occur between same sex which is regarded as same sex marriage. Regardless of what type of marriage we are practicing, the following are the ACTS of marriage which we must follow so that we can have a lasting relationship and been able to stay together and tolerate each other


Each an every one of us are been created in a unique way. We have our own individual differences. What we like and not like, what we can tolerate and what we can not tolerate all this is what made up the body chemistry that makes two people to be compatible with each other. In marriage we have to learn how to tolerate each other. We have to learn how to accept each others fault or mistake. What we have come to realized in life is that loving someone means more than saying it with an ordinary mouth. We have to learn to respect each other and accept others differences. Two people cannot work together in marriage except they agree to do some. For the union to continue, accepting each others unique differences makes the marriage to stand and remain calm and be peaceful for Life.


“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. For if one fall the other one will lift up his companion.” An interpersonal relationship that does not care for each other cannot grow together. In order to have a great and unending relationship in marriage you must care for your partner. A victorious marriage is marriages that win wars, battles and obstacles together. Marriage is a “WE” affair not a “ME”. Marriage is “BONE OF MY BONE”, “FLESH OF MY FLESH” and”SPIRIT OF MY SPIRIT”. Therefore in marriage we have to care for each other



            Let there be effective communication in your marriage. Communication in marriage must be effective, meaningful and understandable. Every man and woman in any relationship should not assume that my partner knows this or that. There should be no room for assumption. Talk about virtually every thing from sex, strolling success, failure any thing to mention about. With this the bond in the marriage is very strong and effective. Talking is a way to pass on, share and exchange our information, ideas, knowledge, feeling and emotions. This should be effective in our relationship or marriage.


            “A Family that pray together stay together “. “You can’t drink from the stream with your hands staying on the hill”. You can’t enjoy your marriage without staying with your spouse. Stay close and live together to enjoy your marriage. You have to carefully check this because closeness and staying together is a great highway to a successful marriage and family life. Not staying together in marital life cannot ensure a blissful marriage. You can’t be intimate stranger and enjoy the full benefit of your matrimonial life.

ACTS OF MARRIAGE is really a lesson to learn to restore, build and start a fresh marriage after your wedding day. Wedding is just a day, Hours, minutes or seconds’ ceremony but Marriage is life time affairs till deaths do you both apart. Please let have a great society as God our Creator want it.