Throughout the beginning of time the prototype of man has change. For many centuries man's aspirations were simply to survive and adapt to their surroundings In the 19th century the majority could begin imagining to go further down Maslows Hierarchy of needs and develop character. Our bodies and minds developed as well. Many inventions, strategies and even some of our organs became outdated. For an example, the purpose of the appendix was so we can digest rocks and twigs; who needs that organ? Now our brain is a different story. The organ hasn't change much, although the way we have stimulated our minds has. With passions, challenges and more focus on education has vastly exercise our mind to make us be in awe of how amazing the brain can be. In the 80's something changed. Instead of welcoming the fast paced intelligence of the next generation, they were labeled with a disorder. In the 90's the ideologies of children having a disorder or disability became like the common cold. My questions is: is ADHD a real disorder or a blanket statement for something that doctors haven't fully understood?Is it our diet ? Or if you don't strive in a class setting you they assumed your delayed,destructive and disturbed?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is basically when an individual displays excessive energy, difficulties in concentrating, and may have difficulties getting along with others. In a nut shell, your child make have more energy than the energizer bunny and since he sticks out like a sore thumb with the class so,their teacher is just begging you to medicate or seek help for your child. Which if the child wasn't paying attention wouldn't you assume that they're just not challenged? Their fellow classmates aren't mentally stimulating? Most people that were labeled with a L.D would be labeled gifted, the only reason they are classified as 'disabled' or have a 'disorder' is their levels of of intelligence is very extreme. For example,excellent math skills however they may be deplorable in science. As compared to someone with average intelligence they would be generally have the same ability in most skills ( being a B or C student).So the children with ADHD is completely bored our of their minds due to surpassing their classes and the classes they struggle in they aren't motivated to learn. Secondly in public school system was created to suit the majority of students. Up to the 80's teachers would just talk for numerous hours and hand out assignments. The classes were favorable to auditory learners. Now a days they are trying to expand it to all three types (auditory,visual and, physical)However every teacher has their way of teaching which would favor one style which will always leaves some children behind. Usually leaving children that they label 'problem child' Lost or in troubled. Assignments may take them longer due to their lack of focus since they want to do everything all at once. They may not get along with the other students because they may not think on their level and would be known as an outcast. With 1 out of 10 being labeled with a learning disability, it makes me believe that people with ADHD may just be ahead of the rest of us. So much energy ,idea's and intelligence maybe all of use will work on a higher level just in the near future. With all the focus on increasing intelligence, children being put in numerous activities and the extreme pressure, no wonder kids are scattered geniuses.

Everything now a days fast. Fast food,high speed internet, instant messenger and instant gratification. It's what we truly desire. Patience is in the past since lifestyles are in the fast lane. Caffeine is a staple to our diet, and everything is sugar coated. In north america diabetes is estimated to skyrocket to 4 billion whom will be affected. However even with out sugarcoated diets and the on going pressure of achieving greatness would it be surprising that our brains have learned to work on a higher frequency ? With all the gmo's in out food and growth hormones no wonder mental illness/disorders are the norm. With severe cases of ADHD even if a child's diet was very healthily they may act the same. Exercise for the body and mind is highly suggested to they can burn some energy and be encourage to learn and grow. What was begun to be discovered in the 80's was how to stimulate and exercise or minds. Even programs like "Brain Gym" was created to take muscle memory to new heights. So with expectations of having amazing careers and 'keeping it up with a Jone's' makes us want to work harder, smarter and quicker. Children are simply being born in a rushed environment since it seems like sleep and a family game night would only be seem on 'leave it to beaver'. Most of use can't remember the last time we slept a full 8 hours let along play 'UNO' with our families.

 Now it has been explained that L.D children are usually gifted, and environment has a huge impact on their behavior it still leads me to this questions: ADHD: Disability or evolution? I think it's clearly evolution and that it's called a disorder simply that they don't fit in with the majority. In the early 90's medication was handed out like candy to their child to 'slow their brain down' therefore they would fit in at school. The medications had terrible side effects however it the child would appear to be 'normal'. Therefore I think until the statistics of 1 out of 10 become at least 50% them doctors and all people for that matter would realize that ADHD is an outdated term. Which it would create the new normal. However I'm not a doctor, only someone that has worked with many children of all types. Instead of giving a child a label, try finding a way that they can learn and grow. In conclusion: give it a few decades, and having the characteristics of ADHD will be the new norm.