Of all the mental health issues known to us today, none causes as much controversy as Attention Deficit Hyperare susceptible to listening to the views of a fringe minority of psychologists and s.

ADHD is a very real brain based disorder that affects people of all demographics - from children to adults, and tal abilit

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I write this article as someone concerned with these issues and who wants to explain some of the realities of ADHD. However, I must admit that I myself am not a licensed doctor or psychologist. I intend for this article to be a good jumping off point for those who want to educate themselves about the disorder, and encourage readers to check out professional sources on the internet and elsewhere to get a better understanding of what ADHD is all about.

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History of ADHDg could be further from the truth. We have known at least some things about this condition since around 100 doctor named George Frederick Still gave lectures about ADHD style symptoms in his young

Throughout the twentieth century, ADHD was known under a variety of different names before officially being dubbed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 1980. Some of these include “hyperkinetic impulse disorder” and “minimal brain damage”. This condition has a longer history than the detractors would have you believe - it wasn’t just made up out of thin air for profits.

Consensus Statement on ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is recognized as a valid condition by most relevant organizations, many of which do not have ties to the pharmaceutical industry. A consensus statement was made in 2002 to this effect:

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