ADP is a company that has made a name for itself by providing a wide range of outsourced corporate management tools that range from online employee timecard management, payment portals and company wide payroll processing software. ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing and refers to the main driving capability that underlies all its software offerings. Rather than make costly investments into setting up on-site payroll systems, companies can quickly and easily outsource all their payment processing tasks to ADP. Currently ADP is ranked 275 amongst the world's top Fortune 500 companies and does about $8 billion in business each year. 

ADP Freedom Payroll Services

ADP Freedom represents the next generation of Automatic Data Processing's company management suites. Not only does ADP freedom handle regular company functions like payroll processing, but it has also been expanded to incorporate essential human resources functions as well. ADP Freedom enables HR workers to interface with other company employees via web-based applications and browser-based interfaces. ADP Freedom is also designed to be totally compliant with United Kingdom legisative standards and requirements as regard proper employee payroll processing, allowing its users to focus on their core tasks without worrying about extraneous compliance issues. 

What Companies Can Benefit From ADP Freedom Software?

ADP offers two main versions of its Freedom payroll management software for different business sizes. The first version, known as ADP Freedom ps is a payroll processing tool intended for use by companies that have more than 50 employees. Freedom ps subscribers receive a certain degree of support from ADP payment processing specialists and accounting consultants, but not to the same degree that they would with the higher level service. 

ADP Freedom ms is designed for companies that have more than 100 current employees. In addition to the usual spectrum of tools and online applications, Freedom ms subscribers receive total payroll management from ADP processing experts. This takes a good deal of workload off the company itself, but naturally comes at a higher cost. 

The main benefit bestowed by ADP Freedom users is that the payroll and employee management tasks all happen "in-the-cloud", meaning that they are hosted in virtualized computing environments. This means that the company using ADP Freedom to handle its employee payments does not have to install any computer equipment whatsoever in addition to their basic desktops, laptops and existing workstations. 

All the processing and computing tasks are handled by remote servers that then securely store and ferry information to and from the company's localized workstations. ADP Freedom thereby reduces IT and HR costs simultaneously, by totally removing all need for an extensive IT department and high tech-related labor costs. In the past, companies that wanted comprehensive electronic payroll solutions would have to foot the bill to install, manage and upgrade in-house servers that would run their payroll tasks and store their corporate data securely. Today, thanks to cloud-based corporate payment tools such as ADP Freedom, it's possible to offload all this extra technological hassle to the professionals that are specifically set-up to handle it.