Get One Up On Your Mates Playing AFL Supercoach

Supercoach is great fun, if you understand how it works. It is more complicated than just football tipping so if you've been invited into a league it’s good to know how to play before you start.

On the surface it can look like you pick your favourite players and they score against your mates team. But Supercoach strategies go further than that. There are some pillars of Supercoach that need understanding before you go and pick your team. These pillars will hold you in good stead and not  let you be the easy beat of your competition!


Supercoach LogoCredit: Herald Sun Supercoach Website

There’s No Team Loyalty

Some people pick players based on who they play for, but it’s not how Supercoach works. I’m a Melbourne supporter and I usually don’t have any Melbourne players in my team! They aren’t a good fit most of the time because they don’t score highly enough.

It's advised that you pick players from many teams, as the split bye rounds count towards your points total. This will help offset the losses that you may have if you are one or two teams heavy.

It's recommended that you only have four players from any one team, and try not to have more than one player from each team in the same section of the ground. Just in case the team gets beaten heavily or they have a bye.


$10,000,000 Is Not Enough To Have A Competitive Team

When you first log on to Supercoach, you have a budget of $10 million. The unfortunate thing about that is that it's not enough to buy a great team. And this is where the Supercoach strategy starts to come into play.

On your team you have two types of players. Players that you will keep for the entire season (Keepers) and harvested players (Players you buy and sell to give you money.)

Keepers are players like Gary Ablett Jr. who always score well. These players are expensive, which is why you can’t fill your team full of them in the first place. To buy more of these players, you are going to need to make some money.

Making money in Supercoach to afford better players is done via harvesting players.

Harvesting players is quite simple, it involves you buying low-cost players and them at a higher price. It works like this.

In Supercoach new players (players that have played 0 games) are given a standard price based on their draft number (from $200k to 100k) or where they are rostered, i.e. on the main roster (>$130,000) or rookie list (<$100,000). This standard price is low in Supercoach terms.

Once a new player has played 3 games, their price becomes regulated by their performances. So a new player can play two games and be still the introductory price, but once he plays that third game, his price will move. If the player is any good and scores around 55 or above, then the price will sky-rocket.

If a new player plays his first two games and scores 80 on average, his price the next game could go from $120k to $180k and any game after that where he keeps up his average will see his price go up even more.

Your Supercoach team will consist of both of these types of players until you can afford all the players that you want, which is typically more than $14,000,000.


Don’t Pick Your Team Or Trade Until The Teams Have Been Announced

There’s no point in picking a player until you know they are playing, so from when the team sheets are in (Thursday night) until when the teams run out on the park is when you should be picking your team. If you are really into it, you can wait until five minutes before the first bounce so you know who the sub in the first game is.

You can pick most of your team before you start, but you will want to tweak it after the team sheets are in. You also shouldn’t trade until you know that player is playing during the season.


Pick Players From Better Teams

Better teams accumulate more points, and this makes them more likely to score higher.

It is easier when for a player on a better team to rack up some easy possessions, which will add to his score because his team will likely have the ball more than the other team.


Pick A Strong Captain

Even though he plays on a bottom rung team, Gary Ablett Jr. is the best player in the league. He constantly scores highly even sometimes over 150 (which is very good).

Your captains score will get doubled every time he plays, which means you always want your best player as captain. You can change the captain ever week if you wish, but it is hard to pick when someone like Buddy Franklin or Tom Hawkins are going to have a day out. So having Gary Ablett Jr. as your captain is a safe pick.

Midfielders and rucks usually average more than forwards or backs so picking your captain out of the midfield is safer.


Supercoach TeamCredit: Herald Sun Supercoach Website

Have Players That Play In Multiple Positions

The best Supercoach teams will have players that can move around the ground, if they get caught short with injuries. This is not crucial if you are starting out, but it is good to know about. 

Players that play two positions are easily identified on your team. They will have another position listed, in which they can play, if a player from that position can swap to theirs.

An example is Nic Natinui who can play in the ruck and in the forward line.


Pick As Many Players That Play In The Midfield As Possible

Some players get shown as forwards or backs on Supercoach even though they play in the midfield for their team. Players in the midfield almost always score higher than forward or back players so they are great to have in your team. Ruck players can also score well.

Use Your Trades Wisely

There are 23 rounds of football in a season and you are given 30 trades for the year (it is capped at a maximum of two per round and three per split round). That means you can trade 1.3 times every round, which sounds like a lot but they go quite fast so make sure when you trade you have a good reason.

Reasons you should trade

To make money

To cover an injury

To cover a player that doesn’t play anymore


Understand The Basics Of The Points Scoring System

Points are given for the positive influence that a player has on their team. This means that the team may not do very well but players can do well.

Points are deducted for any negative influence that a player has for their team. Kicking out on the full or handballing to an opposition player will bring down their points.

Understanding this system can help you see what type of players do well at Supercoach. Taggers like Clinton Jones aren’t going to score high when they are following another player around. But a player like Brendon Goddard will, when he floats around in defence getting free possessions.

How Points Are Scored (Courtesy of Herald Sun Supercoach Website)


Stat Description


Points Awarded/Deducted

Effective kick

4 Points

Ineffective kick

0 Points

Clanger kick

-4 Points

Effective Handball

1.5 Points

Ineffective handball

0 Points

Handball clanger

-4 Points

Handball receive

1.5 Point

Hardball get

4.5 Points

Loose-ball get

4.5 Points


8 Points


1 Point

Mark uncontested (maintaining possession)

2 Points

Mark contested (maintaining possession)

6 Points

Mark uncontested (from opposition)

4 Points

Mark contested (from opposition)

8 Points


4 Points

Free kick for

4 Points

Free kick against

-4 Points

Hitout to Advantage

3 Points


Finding Information On Players

You can use Supercoach itself to find information on players. The news and will show you who is playing during that round, and for all the statistics you could ever want, head over to


Players you must have

Most Supercoach players are tentative about sharing their team, but im sure you're not going to say no to a head start.

Here are a few recommendations of players that you must have, for at least the beginning of the 2013 season.

Gary Ablett Gold Coast Midfield

Jack Viney Melbounre Midfield

Joe Daniher Essendon Forward

Shannon Byrnes Melbourne Forward

Lachie Whitfield GWS Midfield

Majak Daw  North Melbourne Ruck



I hope this quick guide has give you some ideas on the strategy of the game. Your friends may think you’re an easy beat but you know more than them!

If you have any tips or any stories about Supercoach, please put them in the comments below, I’d like to hear them!