We all know that the amount of debt being taken on by individuals is increasing every day. It seems as though we cannot escape the numerous stories of people having to declare bankruptcy because of unmanageable debt. In fact you may be one of those people. Luckily there are some solutions that you may not have thought of include AFS bill consolidation.

AFS bill consolidation (Advanced Financial Services) is a home mortgage lender located in Rhode Island. They deal primarily with people who are looking for a loan to buy their first home, however these loans can also be used for bill consolidation. The way this works is that the homeowner taps the equity already in their home to pay off any debts they might have. By doing it this way, they are able to pay off their debt more quickly. The loan that they get for bill consolidation is tax deductible so it will help them even outcome tax time.

Many homeowners are in need of a way to consolidate all their bills into one, with lower payments. Bill consolidation is the answer that they are looking for. By molding their bills into one, they have a more manageable monthly payment, and the interest that they pay on the loan is deductible. This is a better solution than getting a loan from a bank for two reasons. The first reason is that the bank is not likely to have as good of rates as a bill consolidation service, and secondly because the interest on the loan from the bank is not deductible. Essentially, it just makes more economic sense to choose bill consolidation.

AFS bill consolidation typically offers loans that close in three weeks. It is a good idea to try to obtain one of these bill consolidation loans from a bank that you already know, because they are likely to give you better rates. If you are on good terms with the bank, and they know your bill paying habits, then they are going to be more trusting of you. In terms of a loan, it is always a good idea to have trusting partners on both sides of the transaction. With a bill consolidation loan, you will have the peace of mind of having all of your bills in one simple and affordable monthly payment. You will also know that by the end of the tax year any money that you are paying in interest will be deductible.