I have been suffering with skin problems ever since I hit puberty so around 6 or 7 years ago. I have had everything under the sun: cystic hormonal acne, weird bumpy white heads that never seemed to fade and angry inflamed pustules. I now manage to keep my skin somewhat clear by eating a clean dairy free-diet and taking several helpful supplements. The worst of it (the cystic acne) seems to be done with. However, I am now left with only some delightful hyperpigmentation marks that just do not want to fade as well as for some reason (worsening) clogged pores/white heads and the occasional small inflamed pimple. Aha SouffleCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Alpha-Hydrox-Souffle-percent-Glycolic/dp/B000G8LWZI

It was for these reasons I turned to AHA Souffle. I was hoping to:

  • Lighten, if not remove hyperpigmentation from past breakouts
  • Remove white heads
  • Even out overall skin tone
  • Stop the once-weekly pimple attack


The reviews on the internet seemed to be overall very positive, so I ordered without hesitation.

7 days later I was in business.

The first few days were fine. I applied it morning and evening. I expected a bit of stinging, as this is 12% glycolic acid and most reviewers mentioned this. But I felt nothing. It did feel a bit heavy and greasy at first, but absorbed quickly.

About a week later a few of my smaller hyperpigmentation marks were fading, but my white heads were 10x worse, though not any more inflamed, they had an angry red look to them. To my horror and panic I also developed a nasty looking cyst on my jaw line as well as a few pustules on my forehead. I dismissed this as a "purging period" and carried on.

2 weeks in and marks are noticeably lighter. However I don't know if this is worth it as my skin is in chaos. The one cyst hasn't shrunk (and I hardly expect it to anytime soon). My forehead is a disaster, white heads, clogged pores and pustules (which leave quickly, but are always replaced with new ones) are everywhere. I decide it HAS to get better from here and give it one more week.

I am an idiot. After 3 weeks my face looks as it did in the worst of my teen years, sure my marks have really faded, but only to be replaced by horrid acne everywhere. Cysts on my jaw and chin, inflamed acne on forehead, and clogged pores EVERYWHERE. I now know I should have discontinued after my first week. Clearly the aha souffle is just too thick for my sensitive skin.

After a couple MORE weeks, my skin is somewhat under control with salicylic acid pads and clay masks, though the cysts remain. Lesson learned, a purging period this extreme, is NOT worth it.


The Pro's

  • Lightened hyperpigmentation marks
  • Made skin softer

The Con's

  • A LOT of acne breakouts
  • Further clogging of pores
  • Caused cysts that wont leave


Obviously for me the negatives far outweigh the positives here. I think this product would work great for those well beyond their acne years with normal or dry skin. But for those like me, who are looking for that holy grail acne product, this isn't it. I know alpha hydroxy acid is recommended for acne and Alpha Hydrox (the makers of aha souffle) also makes a 10% percent oil-free glycolic acid treatment that is specially made for oily, acne prone skin. I think that is a great alternative for those acne suffers looking for an alpha hydroxy acid treatment.