We've already looked at my November earnings and December predictions in Part 1, and the first 3 layers of my InfoBarrel system in part 2. Time for numbers four through seven:

1. Keyword Research
2. Article Writing
3. Article Publishing
4. Article Optimization
5. Backlinking (SocBks)
6. Rewriting (backlinking with article directories)
7. Interlinking


Part IV: Article Optimization

This is all the on-page optimization you can do with an article to either increase page views, or increase earnings. Header tags, images, tag fields, and the Amazon box go in here. Any affiliate links you may have would also be done at this time. Because intellectually, this is a much different process than writing or publishing, I also do this seperately. I'll optimize 5-20 articles (maybe more, if I'm feeling really motivated) at once. Again, you can do this much more quickly if you only focus on a single task. Not much else to say here - it's a boring and annoying task, but ignore it at your own [financial] peril.


Part V: Backlinking (Social Bookmarking)

Social bookmarking makes me feel like a robot. It sucks and absolutely destroys my arms as I can't use speech-to-text for URLs, copying and pasting, etc. I tried outsourcing it but that didn't work very well in trial, so I wasn't about to give people access to my real bookmarking profiles and AdSense ID. I'm very fortunate to be living with Alex right now, as he's taken up the task of social bookmarking when he has energy to spare in the evenings.

The bookmark strategy is fairly simple - we have a "master spreadsheet" that stores the URL, Title (an alternate one from IB - it's good to use new titles), tags, and description of each article. Then it's just a copy & paste job into the appropriate forms. Description writing is something that has been successfully outsourced. Yes, it's easy, but it's not the best use of my time compared to pretty much any other task. The same information is used on each of these bookmarking sites, except for Xomba which is a stickler for duplicate content. The logic behind this is simple: Having a bookmark rank well in the search engines is not a priority, so it doesn't matter if they get nailed for duplicate content - they still pass on "link juice" just the same.

Social bookmarking might be tedius, but you can directly increase your income by 10%-50% by using social bookmarking sites with revenue sharing. Right now I'm only using social bookmarks with revenue share, when articles age I'll add bookmarks if they need more page rank. These are my favorites:

InfoPirate: I earn about 10% of my InfoBarrel total on InfoPirate. So $200 becomes $220, just by backlinking my articles. What more can I say? Oh yeah, 80% AdSense share!

Xomba: Same deal as InfoPirate, but I'm newer there and don't have all my stuff bookmarked yet

SheToldMe: People report iffy success with STM, but I earn about 5% of what I do on InfoBarrel there. Definitely my #3 choice. (100% AdSense share)

Snipsly (no referral link): Forgot to put my AdSense tracking code in until recently, but I get a large number of page views from Snipsly, even more than InfoPirate and Xomba. It won't earn as much directly, but it's good for traffic generation. (80% AdSense share)

The others I use: Jevitt, Fuelspace, Tipdrop, YouSayToo, OnGoBee, KarmaLynx, MyCibb, SquidStop, Seekyt. All of these can earn with AdSense. They are NOT all dofollow links. My articles rank well enough initially this isn't a concern for me, there's enough dofollow there for my purposes. My primary goal with social bookmarks is to get an additional 50% in earnings through these 13 bookmarking sites.

Alex is currently taking care of this, leaving only 2 tasks remaining.

Part VI: Rewriting

This is very similar to article writing, exept with different goals in mind. I choose articles to rewrite based on either a) great earnings or b) great potential earnings, if the google rank/traffic total was better. Some articles are created specifically for Amazon ads, others just to provide link juice - it all depends on the numbers. My first choices are HubPages, theInfoMine, PostUROwn. Other sites I use include GoArticles, Squidoo, ArticleBlast, and eZine.

The greatest earnings potential is found here. This is the one thing I will always do myself.

Part VII: Interlinking

You may wonder why I left this until the end. There's really no perfect spot for this. Chezfat would probably put it near the beginning - as he has great success from this tactic. Interlinking can only have 1 of 2 purposes:

a) pagerank flow between pages

b) funneling traffic to a certain page/reducing bounce rate

Articles with a high CPC get traffic funneled to them, articles that need a search engine result boost get a PR boost, simple as that. A quick glance at your analytics will usually tell you what you need to do


In Conclusion: Something Suitably Profound

So there you have it. I think that's everything I do and plan on doing. 7 sections, 7 days in a week - maybe I should devote 1 day to each thing (not really, you'd burn out doing the same thing all day long).

Really, all I can say is thank you to the IB community - I'm standing on the shoulders of some very tall giants here. So a shout out to Howie, Travis, Chez, Jason, Ernie, jpwriter, Deborah-Diane, mommyx3, Maya, jpwriter, freedom, DKRunner, Sookie, Mary, mcimicata, Phil, Godfather, sound_foundation, classicalgeek, veto, and everyone else I forgot to mention even though you rule! (And a big one to Eric for getting me here in the first place.)


Resources I use and love:

Market Samurai
The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization - a great book that will make SEO as natural as breathing
Google Docs (spreadsheets galore!)
MacSpeech Dictate (speech-to-text software)

and of course: InfoBarrel - if you're not writing here yet, it's about time you sign up.


I tried to be as thorough as I could - but there is a ton of information to try to convey here. If there's something missing you want to see, ask in the comments or on the forum and I'll add it in one of these articles. You can also check my week-by-week earnings report which contains more detailed earnings numbers and suggestions for new writers.