When anxious, look at this photo and deep breathe


phobic responses

What  causes panic attacks and anxiety?  Studies have found that these nasty attacks can come on suddenly and we can be surprised to the level that our anxiety may go up to.  Something may trigger it, or it can be from stress, and a sense of pressure in general.  We may feel a sudden sense of being overwhelmed, and jittery, high sensitivity to the environment and a sense of unease. 

Medical findings suggest that  anxiety can be genetic, passed down in our chemical make up,and although attacks are very frightening at times, they are totally manageable and treatable. The good news is the treatments that are available which we will have a look at in this article.

First I wanted to further describe the symptoms of anxiety disorder and panic attacks so that we know it truly is a disorder, and no we are not going to go crazy, more good news. The symptoms  have been described as the following:

trembling and shaky                                                      Racing thoughts

breaking into a sweat                                                     Chest pain , or nausea

flushing, shortness of breath                                         sometimes a desire to flee

sometimes a fear of leaving comfort                            also a symptom of PTSD

 there are more symptoms than these and we each feel it in a unique way but all the same it can be a very debilitating condition   that impacts our lives in many areas. Sometimes men feel they are having a heart attack and go to emergency departments, only to be told they are having a panick attack.     Sometimes anxiety is at a lower grade than this but can be fairly constant, this is also a problem,  and feel social anxiety.    The first place to start in the anxiety puzzle, is to notice the thoughts you are having just before an attack occurs. Often times we are literally scaring ourselves by our thoughts.  This is what can set us off into anxiety or panic mode.  Keeping a journal of these thoughts is very important, so that when the panic subsides we can rationalize how valid our fear was, take it down notches at a time and practice deep breathing exercises.   Cognitive Behaviour therapy is also excellent for anxiety when it is combined with feelings of depression.   These groups are often offered at mental health agencies, or through hospitals.  

   Please feel free to share comments on this article, I believe we can help each other the more we share our ideas and what works for us to calm the anxious storm inside.