In the world of internet web development, there are few things more time-consuming and all-around challenging than deciding on an internet host. And while a host company is necessary for folks who want their own domain names, the sheer number of hosts make it difficult to choose one. Moreover, the market for internet hosting is extremely competitive, making the advertising all but straight-forward and easy to navigate. The companies will do just about anything to get the web-developer's attention to increase their business.

Most Popular Internet Hosts

Perhaps the two most popular internet hosts are GoDaddy and HostGarot. Each of these groups practice aggressive advertizing strategies, perhaps explaining their popularity. Between these two, HostGator seems the more popular for hosting, though GoDaddy is unquestionably the most popular for buying domains.

"Green" Hosting

As people begin to more fully grasp the scope and severity of the world's ecological crisis, it's a commendable thing that there's a so called green option for web hosting. When thinking about the energy and overall carbon footprint the internet hosting business consumes, it's a wonder there isn't more awareness and encouragement to go "green" with internet hosting.

There are, however, a number of internet hosts that claim to be "green." Before jumping in, however, it's important to know a thing or two about their different approaches.

Different Approaches to Green Internet Hosting

The most common approach to environmentally conscious web hosting is in energy credits. Essentially, host companies agree to invest a return of their profits into energy credits. This could take the form of giving money to wind farms, solar panel groups, or building their own.

While the above is commendable, the scale and overall ecological footprint seems to hardly be truthfully brought into focus. More inspiring are the small-guys, the small environmentally conscious web host groups. Not surprisingly, there are a number of these in the Portland, OR area.

With these smaller companies, however, there's somewhat of a concern with longevity. Will the company be around for a good substantial while? That's the question on the table. And while it's difficult to answer, the larger groups have a higher likelihood of being around longer.

Beware of Green Geeks Hosting

If you do decide to go with a greek hosting group, beware of Green Geeks. They purport to be the largest green hosting group on the web, which may be true, but their hosting packages are designed as scams and their customer service is lousy once they know you haven't bought-in to their group and are trying to get a refund.

AN Hosting

While not a "green" hosting company, AN Hosting offers competitively priced packages and solid service with exceptional tech support. They're available 24/7 to help with any challenges. And because they're owned by a larger and very stable parent company, they're unlikely to go away in the forseeable future.

One incredibly refreshing thins about AN Hosting, as well, is that they're website is clean, simple, and very straightforward. One gets a sense that they're honest folks to do business with and that they're not trying to scam anyone. Certainly, no reports have ever proved otherwise.

At the end of the day...

When it comes down to it, rest assured that you can always change  your web host provider. While the process should be minimized due to challenges with transferring data, it's a nice safety net to have. And while it may be obvious, sign-up with a new host group before canceling with an old, that way you won't lose any data.  And some are even of the opinion that it doesn't really matter which host one goes through, that it's simply a necessary part of the internet process. While this seems inaccurate (some hosts have lots of downed server time, slow response times, bad customer support, etc.), there is some wisdom in not over analyzing the matter too much. Just keep in mind that it's one step towards a great goal, which is developing your site. So focus on that and don't get too bogged down in the necessary stages before doing achieving your goal of developing a wonderful website.