Internet and Online Games

More and more people are getting into online gaming because gaming consoles are able to connect to the internet.  It is important that you find the best broadband package for your gaming.  There are many different games that connect to the internet for different reasons.  It is best that you know what these games are and what broadband packages you should be getting.  You should also consider whether AOL broadband is a provider that you could be working with.

What You Need Broadband For?

There are many different parts of gaming that will be affected by the internet.  It is best that you know about all these different parts:

  • Online gaming is the playing of games online with other people.  Playing online games is both fun and exciting.  However, you do need to have a constant connection.  The one good point is that you do not need very fast broadband speeds.
  • There are a lot of online gamers that play single player games and these games benefit from the use of an internet connection.  You do not need a broadband connection to play the game, but when the developer upgrades aspects or fixes a bug in the program they release this as a patch.  You need to have a broadband connection to download this patch.
  • Buying games and downloading them is something that many gamers do.  There are a lot of online game stores which you require a broadband connection to use.  You can also connect to online stores like Xbox Live to download games onto your games console.  You will need a large download limit for this activity because games can reach sizes of 8GB.
  • DLC or downloadable content takes gaming to another level.  This content allows you to play the game with content that you would otherwise be unable to get.  The downloadable content also helps you to connect with other player s in the game.
  • Multiplayer games need to have an internet connection.  You will need a constant connection to the internet to get the most out of these games.

What AOL Broadband Package You Need

When you are playing online games you do not actually need a very fast broadband package.  The reason for this is that most games do not require constant internet interactions.  The internet connection they do require is for a download of patches or the actual downloading of the game.  It is best that you have a decent broadband speed.  However, the point that you really need to consider is the data limit. 

The best gaming broadband package will need:

  • High or unlimited download limits.  All of the packages offered by AOL broadband come with unlimited data which makes them very good for gaming.
  • Fast download speeds.  While the speeds do not affect the actual gaming they do affect how fast you can download all the additional data.
  • Fast upload speeds are needed for playing multiplayer games. 
  • A reliable connection is needed to download all of the content. 
  • Low pings and latency.

AOL broadband does offer packages that fit most of the criteria needed for decent gaming.  All of the packages come with unlimited data and they do not cost very much.  The speeds offered by this provider vary from 8mb per second to up to 24mb per second.  While these are not the super fast speeds that many gamers think they need it is fast enough for most gaming.  If you are looking at multiplayer games then you may want to look at fibre optic broadband that can give you super fast speeds.

The upload speeds offered by AOL broadband are on par with the rest of the broadband providers.  The only way you are able to get faster upload speeds is to take a business package or a broadband package that you can personalise.  The long history of this provider gives you an idea about how reliable your connection is bound to be.  You can also look at reviews from AOL customers to tell you just how reliable the broadband connection will be.

The Other Options

One problem with AOL broadband is that it runs off an LLU system that is not available everywhere.  If you are outside of the LLU network you are going to be charged a high monthly premium.  If you do not want to pay the higher costs or if you are completely out of AOL’s range you should consider you other options.  The options will depend on what type of gaming you are going to be doing.

The one option you should look into is fibre optic broadband.  There are a number of providers that offer fibre optic broadband packages, but you have to be within the fibre optic network.  The main problem is that the network only reaches 60% of the population.  Fibre optic packages also cost more than any other package.  The advantage to fibre optics is that it meets all of the requirements needed for a gaming broadband package.  You are able to get the speeds you need, the stability and the low latency.  You can use these packages for any type of gaming.

Another option you can look at is mobile broadband.  These packages are only good for certain types of gaming.  If you are getting a monthly broadband package with a high data limit then you can download games.  You cannot play games that need a more constant connection to the internet because of the low data limits.  The speeds offered by these packages are also below par for all kinds of gaming.  You are only able to get speeds of up to 7mb with 3G and that is if you are in a very good coverage zone. 

If you are interested in online gaming you need to have the right broadband package.  Most people assume that the package you need is the fastest and the highest data limit package.  This is not actually the case because you only need a reasonable connection speed and high limits, but not unlimited data.