ARIES, the first sign of the astrological year, also known by the Ram, its astrological symbol. Individuals who fall under this sunsign are wilful, positive and independent and are characterised by amazing stamina and a potent ambition to succeed. Arians are pioneers in both thought and action, very receptive to new ideas and a desire to be free. They take challenges head-on like a Ram and never get diverted from their objective, except by their own impatience, which often surfaces if they don't get quick results.

The spring equinox, March 21, marks the beginning of new zodiacal year and Aries, the first sign, is therefore that of new beginnings. The young ram is ambitious, impulsive, strong, adventurous, enthusiastic and full of energy.

Around 2,000 years before Christ was born, the constellation of Aries was the position of the equinox, the position which was previously held by Taurus. This change resulted because of the precession of the Earth's axis and is evident in mostly all the mythologies of the world as the cult of the Ram took over the cult of the Bull. Once upon a time, this constellation was named the "Prince of the Zodiac". This gradual precession has now shifted the sun's position from Aries to Pisces.

Arians are explorers and discoverers and they believe in action. Like the Ram, their zodiac symbol, the Arians are straightforward, without guile and often very gullible, they can never manipulate or plot or scheme against anyone possibly that's why the Ram is called naïve. Aries can, at times, like the Ram, ram headlong into trouble, though unintentionally. Ruled by Mars, they are not complicated, very simple; they know what they want and strive towards it steadily. They are so engrossed in their own aims and ambitions that often they overlook the needs of people around them and hence earn a reputation for being selfish, self-absorbed and self-obsessed.

With regard to matrimony, Aries are most compatible and find the greatest accord and
understanding with Leo or Sagittarius or people who belong to their own zodiac. Leo works towards filling the gaps in the personality of their Aries partner and that is how they create a balance in matrimony. Leos are full of courage and possess the charm of exercising grand sway over others. Leo will carefully curb the Aries natural tendency towards rashness. The other most compatible sun sign, Sagittarius, is also a successful match, even though problems and clashes can be expected however Sagittarius possesses the ambition and optimism that Aries recognises and appreciates most in a partner. Gemini or Libra or even Aquarius are suitable partners for Aries and are very compatible to the Aries temperament. Aries are also known to be passionate lovers.

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Planetary ruler: Mars
Birthstone: Diamond
Flower: Hawthorn
Color: Scarlet
Key characteristic: Leadership
Strengths: Intelligent, assertive, adventurous
Challenges: Trouble with sharing, too much ego, vindictive


  • Action
  • Coming in first
  • Challenges
  • Championing Causes
  • Spontaneity


  • Waiting Around
  • Admitting Failure
  • No opposition
  • Tyranny
  • Other peoples advice ;)