Recent technology updates are quite fast and the next thing you know, the ones you are holding right now have become prehistoric.  Some companies answer this development by updating and upgrading their products by introducing new features and applications and tag it with a new model.  Other companies upgrade the product itself into another form of gadget and load it with more interesting features.  ASUS did it by combining both; merging two products complete with required latest applications and tools, such as in the case of the ASUS PadFone.

ASUS PadFoneCredit: ASUS website

ASUS PadFone Features

ASUS Padfone is both a smartphone and a tablet merged into one.  How is this possible? ASUS thought of an idea wherein the smartphone expands the screen and add more battery life via a docking port, which is called the Padfone Station.  The ASUS smartphone unit is a 4.3 inch screen Android gadget with Ice Cream Sandwich technology.  What is interesting is that when you park the smartphone in the Padfone station, it works like a tablet and has more battery life of up to 64 hours. 

Once the smartphone is docked, its look transforms into a laptop as the station comes in with an Asus exclusive keyboard.  Thus, you have a bigger screen and you do not have to use two SIM packs, utilizing both the tablet station and the smartphone.  Other brands will call for separate SIMs if you opt to have a separate smartphone and tablet. 

ASUS PadFone Advantages

As mentioned, one SIM alone works for both gadgets.  Thus, it will be cheaper to maintain two gadgets at the same time.  It is loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich technology so you get to enjoy better applications, thus, more convenient on your part if you are one of those people who are always on the go and depend on the Internet for updates, whether professionally or personally. 

Both the station and the smartphone have individual battery packs.  Thus, you can take advantage of more techie moments like downloading, surfing, watching movies, and etc. because of the additional battery life once the smartphone is docked in the station. 

As it is a two become one product, the hassle of synchronizing your smartphone and your tablet is eliminated, thus, you experience easy access navigating both the phone and the station.

It has crystal AMOLED which has better resolution providing a more powerful viewing for you.  The smartphone is also as light as any other smartphone in the market. 

ASUS PadFone Disadvantages

The smartphone, Padfone station, and accessories are sold separately.  It creates an impression that ASUS Padfone is quite expensive if you buy the usual or standard smartphone and tablet separately from other brands. 

While the smartphone is light, with the Padfone station compounding the whole she-bang, it is definitely bulky.  Some people may not appreciate the uniqueness of this product because of the weight issue when used as one. 

ASUS PadFone Summary

No doubt about it, people will be attracted with the unique features of the ASUS PadFone.  However, the bulky aspect of this product will be a deciding factor for the potential customers.  But, the real deal is, what is weigh if equated with ease of use? Surely, some people will still appreciate this two become one aspect of the ASUS PadFone.