If you are considering joining the military, there are steps you need to take in preparing for this great journey in your life.  The military is a wonderful career with numerous opportunities but first, you need to prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam.

This test is titled “The ASVAB” which is administered to over 14,000 high schools nationwide.  This exam is also administered at all MEPs (Military Entrance Process Stations) nationwide.  The test was developed by the Department of Defense who also oversees the academic standards of the test.

Preparation is instrumental in scoring well on the ASVAB

If you are serious about a military career, you need to begin preparing for this exam.  There are numerous books and practice tests that can help you as you prepare for a life with the military.  These practice tests will give you an idea of where you stand in passing the test while helping you to understand where you need to improve.  It is highly recommended that you obtain as many study guides as possible in preparing for the ASVAB.

Why is the ASVAB test so important?

You might have heard that the ASVAB is not a difficult test.  If you heard this information, I am here to inform you this information is wrong.  The ASVAB is a test that helps the Department of Defense determines the jobs to offer you as you are going through the in processing stage of joining the military.  The scores achieved will most importantly determine if you qualify for military service.  You have to pass the exam in order to be deemed “fit” for military service.

How are scores determined?

The scores are compiled from four areas of the ASVAB.  These areas include Math Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Word Knowledge.  Scores are compiled in these areas in determining your AFQT (Armed Forces Qualifying Test) score.  Upon making it into the military, no matter the branch you choose, this score will follow you around throughout your entire military service.  You should not take this test seriously because your ASVAB scores can open doors to wonderful jobs or place you into a military field where you are considered a “quota.”


The higher you score on this test will improve your chances of achieving the job specialty you desire and sometimes, if you score high enough, you might qualify for an enlistment bonus.  In order to achieve a high score on the ASVAB, you will need to study and concentrate.  Do not blow off the importance of this exam because your military future depends on the score you achieve. Make sure you take ASVAB Preparation seriously!