ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines) are used by millions of people at thousands of banks around the world,but ATM's always require you to insert a plastic card (a credit card or a debit card) into a slot,and type in a P.I.N. (Personal Identification Number) in order to work. The ATM's of the future may use facial recognition,instead of plastic-card media. Imagine an ATM of the future. It would be equipped with a camera,and it's camera would be connected to a computer data base,that contains photos of all it's registered customers. If your photo was in the machine's data base,you could use the ATM. It would be easy to get your photo put into the ATM's data base,you would simply go to your bank,and apply for it. After you filled out the application,you would have your picture taken,and your banker would add your picture to the ATM's data base.

To use the ATM,you would just walk up to it and stand there. The computer in the ATM would be programmed to start the identification process,as soon as the camera detected a human face in front of it. After you step in front of the ATM,the ATM's camera gets a picture of your face,and the ATM's computer compares your picture with pictures of registered customers in it's data base. When it identifies your face,it plays a recording through a loudspeaker,the recording says,"Your face is recognized. Would you like to make a withdrawal?" You answer by saying "Yes",and a microphone in the ATM detects the sound of your voice. The speech recognition software in the ATM's computer analyzes the words you've spoken,to determine if you said yes or no. Since you said yes,the word 'yes' is recognized. The next step is to ask you how much money you want to withdraw.

You say,"Twenty dollars",and the ATM's computer analyzes your speech and causes the ATM to dispense $20. It then deducts $20 from your bank account to cover the withdrawal. This type of ATM may become common in the future. And what if you have an identical twin,or suppose there's someone out there who happens to look just like you? In that case,the ATM may ask you for a P.I.N. as a backup,but in most cases,it would probably not be necessary.