If you are an owner of a small flower shop downtown, you may need a cell phone plan that can suit your business needs. If you are a corporate lawyer in New York, you may need a plan that you can use to reach your clients easily and conveniently. Or, you may be a simple house wife who would like to make sure you stay in touch with your husband while he's as work and your kids while they are at school.

Whatever the case may be, you need a cell phone plan that fits your life. You can choose from among the numerous AT&T cell phone plans available. The first plan you may look at is the individual cell phone plan. This is fit for any individual who wants to have flexibility in his mobile phone subscription.

People who subscribe to individual cell phone plans enjoy unlimited calling to other AT&T wireless customers with Mobile to Mobile. They will no longer need to pay roaming or long distance charges. Subscribers can also save unused minutes with Rollover.

During weekends, calls are even unlimited. For family packages, you may consider Nation 550 FamilyTalk w/Rollover Minutes. An additional line only costs $9.99 per line. This offers one of the best additional line deals, fit for moms who would like to give her 2 or 3 children a mobile phone each.

The contract length is for 2 years, which gives you enough time to evaluate the subscription and decide if you want to extend your plan or move on to other AT&T cell phone plans.

For the busiest professionals out there, you can have a plan that will allow you to access important e-mails. If you find that you need to use your phone more than just by talking, there are Data Plans which allow you to text, e-mail, IM, video message at the lowest rates possible. Data Plans are available for Blackberry devices, PDA's, Smartphones, Laptop Cards and Notebooks.

There are AT&T cell phone plans for each of us. For the entrepreneur, the student, the housewife, the corporate CEO, or to any person for that matter, simply compare AT&T cell phones and take advantage of AT&T cell phone reviews like this one to find a plan that is suitable for you.

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