10 X 10 Gazebo

A 10 X 10 Gazebo provides plenty of protection from the sun. There are numerous models and styles available, for nearly any purpose. You may want to use an open model for a cover over a patio play area for small children. It may make an excellent cover for a hot tub, for more privacy and to keep out the rain or sun's rays.

Open models typically are made with a canvas or sturdy vinyl top, to provide shade. Some come with netting for the sides, to keep out bugs. Netted sides are optional on many models, depending on what you need to structure for. If keeping bugs away from the grill is what you need, make sure the structure is tall enough that the fire will not ruin it. You will want to make sure that all netting on the sides is solidly attached, with no gaps or spaces for flying insects to find their way inside. Burning one or two citronella candles will also help deter those that do manage to find their way in.

Some people want a small shaded area for outdoor flea markets, sales and other events, where items on display on a table or at a booth may become damaged by sun or rain. This size is ideal for many such situations. You will not likely want something with sides when items are being displayed for sale. A popup tent model is great for such purposes because they can be easily and quickly set up and taken down. Make sure, if you are working alone, that the item can be set up easily by one adult. Some models do better with an extra pair of hands.

For camping or when traveling, a portable canopy model is best. While most models are designed to set up without too much hassle, those which consist of steel or wrought iron corner posts may be heavier and more cumbersome for traveling situations. Those with PVC corners or lightweight powder coated poles are easier to carry and move about. The model chosen for such activities may depend on how much time is spent at each campground or site.

Some products come with ground stakes which are needed to keep them stable. If you want to put this type of structure together on a deck or patio, stakes are probably not an option, so the item must be stable without this additional support. Many models come with additional features, such as vents and canvas walls, to make the structures more adaptable to the weather. Popular product brands include Garden Oasis, Southern Patio and DC America. Prices range for $40 to $400, depending on construction and features.