It’s not science fiction anymore. What used to be just the subject of movies and written literature is now accessible to the public. Online consumer genomics and biotechnology services can now trace a person’s ancestry and find risk for various diseases.

Global origins, health and research

A number of companies are offering identification of certain genetic markers that determines a person’s ancestry. Retail genomics, an invention of the 21st century, is not yet 10 years in the market and the technology keeps leveling up. A 23andme review by Time magazine lauds the controversial genome testing services as one of the top innovations of 2008.The genetic markers are also used to find a person’s genetic predisposition to certain diseases. This pioneer in the industry is named after the 23 pairs of chromosome that make up each human DNA strand.

Discover your correct ancestral lineage

After giving a spit sample, this DNA test gives a comprehensive trace of one’s roots just by logging on to the website. Charts show the migration routes and lines taken by the bloodline. Maps show the family tree tracked to many generations.

A reliable review attests to amazing discoveries that are in store in discovering one’s global family tree. Knowing one’s ethnic heritage for sure is possible, and all claims can now be verified. Though the technology cannot give specific names, the results of the test gives correct ancestral lineage. Finding relatives now has global coverage. And the means is now in our hands. This generation is being raised with all the conveniences that ultra-modern technology can offer.

What’s the catch?

Personal genetic information is useful mainly to the person who ordered the test. Those who avail of the services do it out of curiosity, and the innate need to connect. However, one review points out that despite all the excitement on genetic testing, detractors are intent on cautioning the public against being tested, in lieu of genetic privacy. Another issue that has been brought up is the possible discrimination based on genetic information that testing would show.

Health risks

The bulk of health information from a retail DNA analysis consists mainly of health risks, including a person’s carrier status for certain genetic diseases. Many diseases do not manifest early on, and some people find comfort in knowing whether they have a genetic predisposition to illnesses that can be identified using their DNA sample.

Another positive review reveals that the data analysis would show not just the diseases one is at high risk for but diseases one has low predisposition to develop. People use the information to change their habits and move on to having healthier lifetsyles.

Fast results at your convenience

The test kit is essentially a spit test which can be ordered online. International shipping is offered on top of domestic delivery in the US. The DNA laboratory test is delivered in the mail and test results are released within 2-3 weeks. There is none other that offers faster, more convenient, and more affordable services. The review compares this particular kit to other retail DNA services and determines it to be more affordable than most, and thus accessible to everybody.