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An out-sourced $2.00 Article on Russia

Today many of us who need a vacation to eliminate stress that they used to be in our daily work, many vacation places that we can choose to go on holiday in the country and abroad, one is to go on holiday in Russian. There are many places we can go there and tour services are also many that provide a variety of holiday travel facility in Russia that we can enjoy with your family or spouse, here we can visit and enjoy places of interest like the majesty of Red Square and the we can also see White Russia buildings not least is a very famous Moscow University in Russia. And don't forget we must try the food cause if we go to holiday to some where and we don't taste the original food and then we just waste time to go there cause Russian Food are most delicious for many people, that's why If we come to Russian just don't forget to try they original food or beverage.

And also we can see directly enjoying the scenery and the former KGB headquarters became the center of Moscow was to be a very wonderful experience and unforgettable look at his own legions traces the history of a prince and a poet who used to pass through this old city and not to be missed for a visit to the monastery directly Novodevichy, which at the start of construction it is a building used as a fortress whose function, among others, is to become a monastery for women who still have a royal descendant and also this building had also been inside the prison that never existed Princess Sophia, who became the brother of Peter the Great. This monastery itself is one example of the architecture which is included in a unique category because of the magnificent building in the 16th century until 17th.

And still more that we can visit places such as downtown that is used to mean a citadel Kremlin. and many more building palaces, churches, museums armory and also the State in which there are many historic relics in Russia, such as ancient weapons, So a lot of relics of antiquity that are stored in this museum and also all of this can be seen directly by us to the tourists who come there who are deliberately displayed to tell the history of the Russian empire at that time, we are satisfied after a walk and look for special foods there we can stay overnight in Moscow that became the center of all our holiday activities in Russia, There so many hotels we can go to , just chose where are we fell enjoy to stay and overnight and of course there are still many more places we can visit and see for the next day and the day after for yourself for a vacation, If we enjoy the journey that's fell the time is running to fast and we can't get enough to enjoy our vacation and therefore a holiday in Russia is not a bad choice for us to go on vacation together family or with our spouses.