Everyone that wants more bass in their car would love to have a pair of 12 inch subwoofers in their trunk; however, not everybody has the space or money to purchase subs of this size. A 6 inch subwoofer is the perfect choice for anybody that has a small trunk or does not want to spend more than $80 on upgrading their car`s stereo system.

Don’t get the wrong idea, small car subwoofers, such as the 6 inch models listed below, still require a car amplifier and the proper wiring to produce bass; the only difference is that they won’t produce as much bass as the 12 inch subwoofers that car audio enthusiasts use, and will generally hit the high-frequency notes in a song!

New AUDIOPIPE TS-V6R 6" 150W Car Audio Power Subwoofer DVC Sub Woofers TSVR6
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You Will Probably Have To Make You Own Custom Subwoofer Enclosure For It

Since the majority of subwoofer enclosures are meant for the 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 15 inch speakers, you will probably have to make your own! You can probably find an enclosure for a 6 inch subwoofer if you search long and hard enough; however, the selection will be very small, so you will probably have to settle for something that is “barely good eScosche 6 Inch Single Subwoofer Enclosure For A TruckCredit: Amazon.comnough”.

Building your own speaker box may seem like a daunting task to you; however, creating a DIY enclosure is relatively easy! In addition, there are a ton of benefits to building a customized subwoofer enclosure for your small car sub; some of these benefits include:

-You can completely customize the fabric color of the subwoofer box to match the color of the carpet in your trunk. This will make the enclosure look like it is part of the car when you bought it from the dealership.

-You can tailor the box size to match the requirements of the 6 inch subwoofer that you have chosen. Some subwoofers require more cubic inches to produce the best sounding bass; creating a customized enclosure will allow you to set up the box in the way that car audio enthusiasts would!

The choice is yours...you can buy an enclosure from the wide selection that Amazon has to offer or simply try to build your own!

The Pyramid PW677X Is The Most Powerful 6 Inch Subwoofer On The Market For Under $100Pyramid 6 Inch 300 Watt SubwooferCredit: Amazon.com

Pyramid is not known as one of the good subwoofer brands because it has not been around in the car audio industry for a long time. However, Pyramid is one of the only brands that offers a small car subwoofer that pumps out over 250 peak watts of bass!

The specific Pyramid subwoofer that I am referring to is 6 inches wide, and contains 300 watts of peak power. Not only are these 300 watts enough to improve the quality of your car stereo significantly, but the subwoofers are small enough to fit 2 or 4 of them in your trunk! I would recommend creating a single sealed enclosure for all of the 6 inch subwoofers that you plan on installing in your car; small subwoofers do not displace much air so a sealed box is perfect for them!

Most Small Car Subwoofers Can Be Installed Into A Vehicle’s Rear Deck-More Bass Without Using Up Trunk Space

Everyone wants Pyramid 6 Inch 200 Watt High Power SubwooferCredit: Amazon.commore bass in their car; however, not everyone wants to sacrifice the trunk space that is required to install subwoofers in a car’s stereo. A 6 inch subwoofer does not require a ton of trunk space, but it can still prevent you from fitting large objects in the trunk, and even interfere with the rear seats folding down. The improved bass that you will receive from these subwoofers makes the loss of trunk space well worth it....but that’s my opinion!

The alternative that I would suggest is cutting a hole into the rear deck of your car, and installing the 6 inch subwoofer into the rear deck! A car audio enthusiast would never recommend this because it will not allow the speaker to produce the absolute best bass; however, it will allow you to keep every single inch of your trunk space!

As with creating your own subwoofer enclosure, you may think that this is a difficult task to complete; however, it can prove to be really easy. On top of that, all that is required to install the subwoofer is a drill and about an hour of your time. An hour of your time to substantially improve the bass sound in your car; that sounds like a great deal to me!

PYLE-PRO PPA6 - 400 Watt Professional Premium PA 6'' Woofer
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A 6 inch subwoofer may not be your cup of tea, but the fact of the matter is that it is what some people are looking for.  Small woofers for cars will fit into compact spaces, and will not use up a lot of the car’s electrical power. Installing a powerful 12 inch subwoofer in a car will cause the owner to have to upgrade the car’s battery, alternator, and wiring; however, adding a 6 inch subwoofer to your car will barely use up more power than the headlights!