The mantra often expounded to writers is to not promise more than you can deliver in your title. So, let me say right off that this article is not promising a babysitter proficient at the old 1950's Chubby Checker dance, although she might be able to do that. Nor does it promise one who is capable of making an amazing cocktail with a twist of lemon or lime, although she might be able to. The babysitter with a twist referred to herewith is able to combine the usual care needed for your child with the twist of also being able to tutor your child in his/her studies. Now, there's a twist worth dancing and drinking about!


Struggling Student

Typically, babysitters are teenagers in your neighborhood whom you call upon as needed for evenings out or at times when work dictates longer than normal hours. This role has expanded in our society to include sitters that are available each day of the week after school to watch your children until one or both of the parents get home from work. A newer, and even more important, permutation of the babysitter's role has her not only being available for the kids after school, but also having her be a tutor with the children during their time together. This new role has given significant importance to the role of babysitter and to the person fulfilling that assignment. Let's look at how that might have a positive effect in your family.



Imagine that your child is struggling somewhat in a particular subject, or even with his homework. With the teenager down the street as his sitter, he typically comes home from school, grabs a snack, and heads off to his room to play his X Box 360 or outside to play ball in the back yard. Meanwhile, the sitter sits and watches the television. Not surprisingly, you find his grades slipping and his homework half finished or rushed through and done poorly. Your son has acted as boys do. The sitter has done her job. But, have you done yours? Can you do better for your child? Perhaps you need a babysitter with a twist!


There are an increasing number of college students or graduates who are filling the role traditionally held by younger babysitters. But, they are offering the extra incentive of overseeing your children with their homework and also tutoring them in areas of need. Instead of the time with the sitter being fiddled away, it is becoming a time of solid learning and growth for children. Instead of paying a babysitter to just sit, you can be investing in a person who could very well make a real difference in your child's life. Even if it cost twice what you are currently paying, which it rarely does, it would be an expense well worth the price. So, how do you find such a gifted individual? Here's a few ideas.


More Tutors

Check with your child's teachers or school counselor. Often they will be aware of a college student ready and willing to step into the role you offer. Other possibilities include checking with local college personnel or posting notices in appropriate places there. Quality sitters have even been located through advertisements in the local newspaper or in the weekly tabloids in your area. A check with family and friends can yield results also. There are also sites available on the internet with listings of possible candidates for your position. The task is not really that overwhelming. There are many college educated individuals out there who would much rather use their knowledge with your children than work for minimum wage at a hamburger joint. So, go ahead. Use a little ingenuity. Find that perfect sitter that will not only be there when your child needs babysitting, but will also be making an impact on your child's studies and his personal development. That will result in a sense of gratification for you that the time your child has to spend with a sitter is worthwhile. That, indeed, will be a twist!