Bamboo forest

Bamboo strikes me as being one of the few arguments around for intelligent design. It really is the answer to so many of our problems as consumers in a world that is struggling to meet our demands and stay healthy. God gave us bamboo to give us a fighting chance against environmental melt-down.

Why is bamboo so great? The primary reason that bamboo is so great is that it is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Bamboo can grow 24 inches or 60 cms in a single day! Whereas hardwoods take 40 to 50 years to reach maturity, bamboo is ready to harvest in a mere 4 or 5 years. That is incredible. Re-planting trees in the forests is crucial to our survival but the effects are very delayed. With bamboo we have a resource that can keep up with our demands for wood. And there's the irony - bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass. Yet bamboo is very strong and is a very versatile material that can be used to make furniture, build houses and make paper. The shoots can be eaten. Bamboo is used in Chinese and Indian medicine. Are you catching my drift? Bamboo has been sent to help us.

And just in case you are not convinced, let me mention some more bamboo facts. Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial 'kun' substance that is resistant to pests so it is not necessary to use herbicides and pesticides in its cultivation. In other words, bamboo has inherent properties that make it suitable to organic farming methods. Another great thing about bamboo is that it develops an extensive root system that continually develops new shoots. That means you don't have to plant bamboo - rather it spreads by itself. This root system is also very important in holding in the top soil. In Japan bamboo is effectively used to prevent land slides created by earthquakes.

A great way to start 'greening' your life is to replace your worn out cutting board with a bamboo cutting board. Don't buy another hardwood cutting board - hardwoods are too precious. Bamboo is naturally water resistant and it is 16% harder than maple. These facts make bamboo a better material to use for a cutting board than a hardwood that has taken 50 years to grow.

Of all the bamboo cutting boards available I like the Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet End Grain Cutting Board the best. It has an attractive 'parquet' design created by laying alternating strips of bamboo in an end grain fashion. The honey color is achieved by an oven-process that caramalizes the bamboo's natural sugars. The cutting board is a generous 17-1/4 by 13-3/4 by 1 inch or 43.8 by 34.9 by 2.5cms. The Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet End Grain Cutting Board is made from 'moso' Chinese bamboo that is not a food or a habitat of the Giant Panda. And what's more Totally Bamboo has a fair labor program to make sure the Chinese workers are fairly remunerated for their efforts. And the final reason why this is a great chopping board is that no glue containing formaldehyde was used in the production of the Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet End Grain Cutting Board. All for a reasonable $48. Less than 50 bucks to do something really green and positive for the sake of your grandchildren. Buying bamboo increases the chances of future generations being able to marvel at the tall splendor of hardwood trees.

This article is written in the belief that human consumption of natural resources is inevitable. It is up to the consumer to make smarter, more informed decisions to help lessen the environmental impact of his or her consumption. Another example of a simple but effective way to 'green' your life is to use a solar powered tiki torch in your garden.

Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet End Grain Cutting Board