In a sunny place like California, there are many beach resorts and water parks situated. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun and water that surround the area. That is probably why people often go here to spend their vacations.

However, the beach is not always a place of fun and laughter as some lost their relatives to the sea. Drowning incidents are not unusual in this area. Tourists and locals alike are very much exposed to drowning accidents.

Drowning accidents are very serious as it is very common. It is one of the major causes of deaths of people below 15 years of age.

Causes of Drowning Accidents

There are many factors that could lead to a person's drowning. Here are the most common causes:

  • Negligence of the vicinity's administrator / owner

Water parks and beach resort owners must ensure that their guest or any other person that would be in their property to be safe from any accident through the following methods:

1. Lifeguards --- There should be lifeguards strategically situated to avoid drowning accidents.

2. Slippery floorings --- The administrators of a water park should ensure that people walking around the pool will not slip into it as not everyone knows how to swim.

3. Proper Signage --- There should be proper signage of the pool's depth and reminders of things that should be avoided while in the water.

4. Safety Equipments --- In every beach resorts and water parks, there must always be safety equipments like floaters for rescuers to quickly save the drowning victim.

· Victim's fault

There are cases when the victim neglects his own safety by swimming while intoxicated or do other things that would endanger his life.

  • Other People's fault

A third party can cause the drowning of an individual. He could intentionally or unintentionally drown the victim or fail to provide a life jacket to a boat passenger who later on drowns.

Ways to Prevent Drowning Accidents

In any accident, there are always preventive ways. Here are things to do to avoid drowning:

  • Before swimming, make sure there are lifeguards near the vicinity that could see and rescue you in time.

  • Avoid swimming when you are intoxicated.

  • Do not over estimate your skills as a swimmer.

  • Avoid doing stunts in the pool area.

  • Children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult when swimming or near the beach.

  • Do not dive if the water is low.

Always observe these guidelines so that a fun vacation would not turn into a disaster.

Results of Drowning Accidents

There can be many injuries that could result from drowning but the most devastating is a person's death. Injuries from drowning also include water in the lungs and other internal injuries.

Drowning Injury Claims

When a person drowns because of the negligence of an individual, he can sue for compensation for the damages done.

There are experts who could help the victim or his family in filing for charges and even in gathering evidence that would strengthen their case. These lawyers can enlighten their clients of their options as the aggrieved party and make them understand their rights as well.

In California where there are numerous drowning accidents, there are Los Angeles Drowning Injury Claims Attorneys that could help the victim or his family to get the proper compensation for the distress they have suffered from the incident.