While you may have heard of the term before, you may not actually know exactly what a roof ladder is. Here's a quick and easy explanation: it's basically a normal extension ladder with two hooks attached onto the end of it. The hooks allow it to clip onto and hang down from the pinnacle of a roof. This enables easy transportation up and down the ladder while traversing the roof. In other words, this kind of ladder makes working on your roof much safer, so if you're about to undertake a roofing project, then you should definitely consider using one.

So what are some of the advantages of using a roof ladder? First and foremost, the main benefit you gain is a huge increase in safety. The ladder gives you a solid base to rest and balance on while you're working on top of a roof. So instead of free climbing and having no support system, you can rely on having a fixed object to lean on that you know will be there. As free climbing on top of your roof can be very dangerous, especially under slippery conditions or on roofs in poor condition, the roofing ladder can really make a difference safety wise. You'll really want to consider investing in one if you're working on your roof.

When it comes to buying a ladder, you have a few options, as there are several different types of ladders to choose from. The first that we'll list is the roof ladder with retractable hooks. Since you can slide the hooks in and out, this ladder is easy to transport and store. However, for certain roofs, you may need to look into a ladder with its hooks fixed in a permanent position. The reason for this is that it allows the ladder a greater chance of being able to work on different types of steeples, so if you have a roof with an extreme steeple then you may want to look into this option. Finally, you can also look into buy roof ladder hooks, which you can attach onto a ladder. So if you have an extra extension ladder lying around, then this could be ideal for you, as you can attach and remove the hooks at will. This option has great versatility, as it allows you to have a dual purpose ladder. It most likely won't be as sturdy as the first two options, so if you're planning on doing a lot of roofing, then you may want to cross this option out.

To conclude, the roof ladder gives you a huge increase in safety while working on your roof. Since safety needs to be your number one priority when working on a job as dangerous as this, it's definitely worthwhile to look into obtaining a roofing ladder. There are multiple types, so you can choose whichever works and fits your current situation the best.