Computer viruses are a fact of life. They can come at you from so many different sources anymore. It doesn't seem to matter how secure you make your computer. Removing most viruses is easier than you might think. Removing your own viruses is your first step to learning home computer repair.

Virus removal is easier than you think.

Safe Mode:

Once you determine that you have a computer virus do not do anything else on your computer. The first step in this process is to restart your computer in what is known as safe mode. Safe mode is a diagnostic tool that your operating system has. It restarts your computer in a limited sense. This enables you to run your system without doing damage to it by the virus. Safe mode can be achieved by first rebooting your machine. As the machine is booting up, repeatedly push the F8 button. This will start your computer in safe mode.

Virus Removal Tools:

Once you are in safe mode it is "safe" to run your virus protection software. What I like to do is to open my web browser and go to the website This website contains a complete assortment of resources for someone who has a computer afflicted with a virus. The best thing about this website is that with that you can download anything on it for free. Just remember that some of the programs are going to try to charge you after their trial period is over. If you know what kind of virus you can download a specific kind of program that will target. For instance, if you are sure that you have a trojan type of virus, you can download the Trojan Remover.

The program that I go to first is known as Malware Bytes. There is a web link to it. Simply download it and run the program on your entire system. It is easy to download as well as easy to use. This program has pulled some nasty ones off of my machine.

If the Malware Bytes program won't remove the virus, I then download the Super Anti Spyware. This program can scan your system very quickly. It quickly identifies a virus and then you can work on removing it.

If all else fails, download the trial version of Norton. I have had to resort to that before. Then after I am done, I go to my Control Panel and remove the program before I begin to receive pop ups asking me to renew the subscription.

Once I am all done I usually download the Windows Cleanup and CC cleaner programs. This is the last part of it. Cleaning up my system as long as I am here and downing programs already.

Home computer repair begins with virus removal. You have been given the basics about using a couple of virus removal tools so the next time your home computer becomes infected with a computer virus, you can remove it yourself!