And a whole lot more, like a ceiling or wall projector as well as sounds for babies to sleep.

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Babies the world over are a source of great joy to their parents, bringing untold pride and fulfilment to a family. However one of the greatest reasons for maternal and paternal stress is getting your infant off to sleep. Deep refreshing sleep, a time for parents to take a break and get on with their family and work lives.

Some infants are great natural sleepers, and after a feed or a bath they visibly relax and pop off for a nap. Wonderful if it happens for you! However most newborns will go through a stage of being restless and difficult to lay down for a sleep. If there is no medical reason for this, such as colic or an underlying infection, then it may be that your baby just needs some targeted relaxation to drop off.

Let's look at a wonderful product called the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System.

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Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

It is a natural evolution of several concepts that have proved useful over the yeas in assisting parents to get baby to sleep. In one sleek and attractive unit it has the ability to gently soothe your infant with a variety of sounds. White noise, lullabies, and gentle classical music. Nope, no heavy metal in its repertoire! As well as this soothing noise, the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System can project a variety of animated and carefully researched visual themes onto the wall or ceiling by baby's crib. Such gently relaxers as a soothing sea, calming rainforest or sleepy sky. It even has the handy addition of a subtle nightlight to let Mum or Dad check on baby without turning on the main nursery light. Now that's thinking!

Here are some of its features:

  • Included are 4 soothing sounds - Heartbeat
  • Ocean
  • White noise and 
  • Rain
  • 3 lullabies,
  • 3 Mozart songs and 
  • 3 dreamy images you can use to provide an ideal sleep environment. 
  • The 3 included projections include
  • Soothing sea
  • Calming rainforest and 
  • Sleepy sky. 
  • The lens rotates to project images onto the wall or ceiling. 
  • A nightlight provides a soft glow ideal for nighttime check-ins and changes
  • The sleep timer can be set to 15, 30 and 60 minutes
  • The optional voice activation mode responds to baby's cry and can be set to trigger sounds and/or images.

See that last one - it will even re-activate if it hears your baby get restless or start to cry. This is optional, so a parent or sitter can use this feature as they wish. Now at around $26, that is a heck of a lot to have at your fingertips in this single electronic unit.

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This product has proved to be a winner with parents everywhere. Here are some of their thoughts about it:

"I purchased this for my 8 month old who was the worst sleeper in the history of the world. Because it can be set to activate when the baby cries, it soothed my little guy back to sleep fairly quickly without me 'rescuing' him. The time, volume, nightlight, and music settings are great and I really appreciate that there are 6 different songs that you can choose from ... We travel with this thing, we nap with it, we sleep though the night with it. I wish like crazy that I knew about it 8 months ago and I would have gotten a whole lot more sleep. Can't say enough good things about it. Love it, couldn't live without it."

"I have tried EVERY projector sound machine out there and even some ipod apps, cd's... everything you can think of. ... it has been used at least 15hrs a DAY with the projector and sound running together and I have yet to be disappointed! With baby number 2 on the way and his bedroom wall backing up to the tv I will AGAIN be buying this since I seem to have "light sleepers" on my hands."

"Bought this to help our new baby girl sleep and it has been a God send! Noticed a huge improvement the first night of use. I use "white noise" and keep it loud enough to drown out the noise from our 5 year old in the next room. It also has a neat nightlight and light projection that will come in handy when she gets a little older."

Think of the hours and hours of extra peace and quiet this Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System could grant you?

And one other great tip .....

Sleep is one thing, and an important one at that, however a new baby will need some other 'supplies', best got before they arrive. With this in mind a Mum by the name of Mrs Wesdon of Colorado did new parents and parents to be a huge favor by putting down a list of all the supplies and furniture she needed for her new infant for their first two months. What a wonderful idea.  A wonderful idea for parents to be, and for those of you who have friends or relatives who are  expecting a newborn. Some great gift ideas in this list! The comprehensive newborn shopping list.

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So whether you need sounds for babies to sleep, a relaxing animated projected image, or a 'to buy' list at your fingertips, I do hope this article has given you some assistance.

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