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There are certain things you need to know about hybrids and the environment. As our society becomes more industrialized, there have been increases in the pollution of the society.   Through our use of oil and toxic pollutants for industrial purposes, we must look, now more than ever at what we can do to lessen the effects on our enviornment. This pollution in our society also leads to health hazards among those who live in larger cities. For example, if you live near an oil refinery and the refinery catches fire, you would be subjected to toxins which cause respiratory illnesses. The same would be true if you drove a car that takes in a lot of gas. As the gas leaks from the car, it gives off unpleasant smells and air pollution. This is why many environmentalists are happy with hybrid cars, because they reduce carbon footprint.

What Is a Hybrid Anyway?

 Hybrid vehicles are cars and trucks that combine electricity and gasoline for the purpose of improving fuel efficiency on the road, and these vehicles will not guzzle a lot of gas. As a result, hybrid vehicles save you money and help the environment. You can find hybrids at most car dealerships or specialty dealerships that sell primarily hybrids. Many hybrids are small in size although some big trucks and minivans also come in hybrid forms.

Hybrid cars make use of an electric motor powered by high-capacity battery and a low-capacity internal combustion engine. The low-capacity engine helps the car to move, as it is the major power source; however, moving faster on the highway or climbing a hill requires more power and this is where the electric motor is used. Some hybrid cars have both systems working, while they work independently in others.

Less Oil Dependency

 In light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Exxon oil disaster in Alaska in 1989, no to mention the price of gas today; more people are considering the possibility of a society with less oil consumption by it's citizens. With hybrids, you can enjoy life on the road without using a lot of oil to do it. This also could affect America’s dependence on imported oil from other countries as it relates to the current war on terrorism.

You Will Pay More But It Is Worth It

 According to the New York Times, the benefits of hybrids are not cheap. A Ford Escape (which my adventurous aunt owns) costs $18,000 but a Ford Escape Hybrid costs about $26,000. But you do not have to worry because our government currently offers tax credits for hybrid drivers and others who use green products. One reason for the high prices of hybrids is that there is a higher demand.

Pros and Cons of Hybrids

Hybrids release fewer carbon emissions in the air and as a result, they’re cleaner than traditional cars. The noise levels of hybrids are also better than regular cars so you will not have to deal with excess noise on the street. Hybrids can save you money because of the excellent fuel economy. A disadvantage of hybrids is that it is more expensive and that car batteries are not always eco-friendly as they tend to be large.

Hybrids Save Forestry

 Whenever forests around the world are destroyed so developers can drill oil there, the people who live near these forests are deprived of their natural resources. When you drive a hybrid, you ensure that forests remain intact. Thus there are benefits in hybrids and the environment.

I Like How That Sounds. How Can I Find A Good Hybrid?

 You will need to research your options as not all brands offer the best hybrids. Read Consumer Reports and look at what reviewers are written about the brand regarding reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouses gases, fuel economy, functionality and durability. If you know someone who drives a hybrid, ask him or her where they purchased it from and if they are satisfied with the car.

Hybrids and Decrease of Global Warming

 When excess global warming occurs, the polar icecaps will more and more each year and this could devastate crops all over the world, leading to famine and widespread hunger. To increase your standard of living through hybrids and the environment, you can reverse this trend by driving a hybrid because a lot of global warming occurs from the gas in cars.


 You have heard about the dangers of global warming and you wonder if there is anything you can do to make small contributions. You can use cloth recyclable bags, purchase energy-efficient appliances, and run your energy less during the day and use energy efficient light bulbs. A big contribution you can make is changing your transportation methods and this includes getting a hybrid. In addition, you should go further and alternate between driving and walking.  Each person, maybe walking to a few places weekly instead of driving would help the eviornment unless you live far away from the destination. When all of these steps are taken, you are creating a better world for others and yourself.