Reading Tarot/Oracle Cards Intuitively

Tarot and Oracle Cards(108388)Credit: Original Rider Waite Tarot cards and Psychic Tarot Oracle deck by John HollandSo you have bought, or been gifted your first deck of Tarot or Oracle cards. The excitement mounts as you unpack the box and have a quick look through your cards.. oooohhh pretty!! Then you pick up the enclose instruction booklet, and, as you turn the pages you realise that before you can actually start reading the cards for yourself and others, there is a lot of learning to do.  You will have to learn the meanings of each card, the Minor Arcana, the Major Arcana, the Suits as well as the difference between an upright card and a reversed card.. Suddenly it all seems too much, it will take you years to  learn all this..


Here is a fun and easy way for you to read the cards and you wont need the instruction booklet.

First get yourself an exercise book, sit, relax and pick up your first card.

1.  Study this card. Look at the picture. What do you see? Really look at the card, look at all the elements of the card, colour, people, animals, signs, buildings, landscapes, everything in detail. Make notes in your book

2.  How does this card make you feel?  Happy, sad, depressed, cheerful, tearful. Make notes in your book.

3.  Whilst looking at the card, feel what is happening in your own body. Do you feel a pain in your leg, a headache twitching of the eye, nausea or a ringing in your ear, just to name a few. It coul be something as small as an ache in your little finger or you may not feel anything at all. Write anything you do feel in your book.

4.  Listen to your inner voice (intuition), what does it say to you? what words came to you immediately, what are you hearing. For example you may hear the words Balance, strength, weakness, anger, laughter, abundance or frustration. There could be any manner of words that come to mind. Write these down.

5.  Whatever comes to you while you're looking at the card, write it down. Don't dismiss anything as "stupid" or "rubbish" or think "It can't be that".

Every card tells a story. Three Card Spread(108391)Credit: The Psychic Tarot - John Holland

We actually use this system every day, in many aspects of life, but we do it without realising  what we are doing. We don't think of it as using our intuition, but often say "I went with my gut feeling". Unfortunately we are taught as we grow from baby to infant, to child to adolescent and then into adulthood to analyse everything. We have to learn to trust our inner voice.

An example of reading a card in the above way is as follows.

Looking at the "0" card  - The Fool - ( Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck)The Fool "0"Credit: The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

The card shows a youth, carrying a knapsack. He looks happy, the sun is shining, he is near the edge of a cliff, there are mountains in the background, he has a dog jumping up at his heel. The card is colourful, yellows, reds, greens browns and white.

Taking all this into consideration my reading might be as follows

"You are feeling as though you need to get away. You're needing freedom, fresh air, and room to move. You may need to release any baggage that is attached to you at present. You realise that this journey means taking a risk but you are happy to accept that, you know it's what you need to do now. You know you have the support of a loyal friend or family member. Although this journey could be risky, you will feel happier when the first steps have been made and you realise you can stand on your own two feet"

Now that same card may read as something different for you, and as you progress to reading for others, you will find that the cards mean different things for different people, depending on their energy.

After you've been through the deck and written down what each card represents for you, you may wish to pick up the instruction booklet and compare what the book has for the meaning and what you have, in many instances you will see similarities, just written in different words.

This is Intuitive reading. Remember the person who originally picked up cards and started to read them, put their interpretation to them, not yours. The card is only a tool to prompt your intuition.

You can use this technique for any deck of cards you own, and you will find very soon that you feel confident to read for your friends and other people easily and effectively.



Celtic Cross SpreadCredit: The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck