Effective Article Promotion for Beginners

Article marketing is an effective tool to promote your web business or service, and it is quickly becoming very popular. When done properly, using articles to promote your site should have you seeing increased traffic and will be an essential building block to the success of your online business. If you are looking to discover ways in which you can become a productive, results oriented article promoter and launch your site's success, keep reading.

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* Research which keywords will best promote your niche. Find out how users and potential customers search for your topic, and incorporate these key phrases and words into your articles. Make certain to do it smoothly and in a manner that keeps the entire article interesting. Just stuffing a page with relevant keywords to attract search engines does nothing for your readers, and it is these readers who you want to turn into regular visitors to your website.

* Using videos and pictures can help generate excitement over your article, explain your concepts more thoroughly and may even improve your rankings with search engines. A well written article accompanied by the perfect picture or video can really get people clicking to your site, so be certain all elements work harmoniously with your product or service.

* Keeping your paragraphs brief will keep the reader's eyes on the page. Most often, when people see an article that seems to go on forever, with few breaks for paragraphs, they will assume it is boring or require too much work to continue. Short, interesting paragraphs will hold the interest of the reader. A good, enticing flow to your article will have them hopping from one paragraph to the next, looking forward to more information.

* Be informative with the content of your article and you should end up with 500-700 words. You want to pack enough details and generate enough enthusiasm to entertain the reader and educate them, without over doing it. A good idea for beginning article marketers is to have a "test" reader. This is someone who acts as a member of your audience and will honestly evaluate your content, and inform you of how interesting your article is and if it would be likely to hold their attention, and most importantly, would they circulate the article to others?

* Publish enticing parts of your article on your site followed by the option to continue reading through a link. Your site is designed to promote your product or service, and your article is written to attract people to your site. Do not plaster articles all over your entire web site. A few tantalizing paragraphs should do. Your article's presence elsewhere can be used as a tool of attraction right to your main site and business.

* Being smart about keyword placement does not mean plastering it in every other sentence of your article, or necessarily in the title. The function of any article title is to draw the reader into the article; if you can do this with your keyword that is a bonus. However, if your keyword is something that requires explanation or may not generate enthusiasm, just go with a good title and strategically place your keywords thereafter. Effective article marketing should always begin with a good article, one worthy of reading that will serve a purpose to the reader. Effective article marketing does not attempt to seduce search engines and neglect the human element.

* When you are certain your article meets a certain standard and will serve the purpose of promoting your site, begin circulating it for free. Give it to editors for their sites or newsletters and make certain a link to your site will be included. Use social media to distribute your article or start a blog. Considering how much free exposure you can give your article, which should lead to increased traffic on your site, it is easy to see why your article should be fine-tuned, meet or exceed a certain standard and serve a purpose from start to finish. Effective article marketing will turn your website into a profitable business.

* As a finishing touch to all of your articles, include an author's bio box. This is where a reader will learn who you are and where your main site can be found. Keep this resource box simple and do not try to sell anyone anything. Your bio box should effectively redirect a reader right to your site.

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Many elements combine to produce a good article marketing campaign. Since this field is becoming more crowded every day you must rise above the norm. Find creative ways to distinguish yourself and your work from the masses. Educate yourself thoroughly, know your niche inside and out and put forth a genuine effort to attract, entertain and inform your readers through effective article marketing.  Readers will find their way to your website, and you will find a way to success.